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SAP BusinessObjects Explorer overview

SAP BusinessObjects Explorer (Explorer) is not included in the main BI platform installation and is instead an add-on component. When installing Explorer, the Service Pack for Explorer must match the Service Pack used across the BI platform 4.0 landscape. Therefore SAP BusinessObjects Explorer SP4 must be installed, as shown in this section.

The Explorer installation consists of four components:

  • Explorer Servers
  • Web Tier
  • CMS Add-On
  • Search Integration

Although it is possible to do a full installation of all four Explorer components to a single host, in this pattern the components are installed separately.

Explorer installation summary

Explorer has four services, and they are installed to a single host:

  • Explorer Master Server
  • Explorer Index Server
  • Explorer Exploration Server
  • Explorer Search Server

The Central Management Server (CMS) Add-On is installed to each of the two servers where the CMS is installed. The Web Tier portion is installed on each of the two dedicated web application servers.

Install Type

Server Name

Explorer Servers

CMS Add-On & Search

Web Tier

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  1. Former Member

    in teh above scenario, is it mandatory to have a BI platform install on prior to installing explorer servers?