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Product versions: BI 4.0

This article is done. We may update it with more information in few weeks
This BOpedia page is provided by the RIG / CSA (Customer Solution Adoption) team. Don't hesitate to put comments.
Main Contributors :  Anthony L, David F G, Patrice L,

This article is an entry point for helping you to find the most valuable information about upgrade.
Following these tips and tricks, it would be easier for you to perform a upgrade in the best way.
Most of these tips will come from "SAP BusinessObjects Consultant" and "Customer" in the Ramp-Up Programs and Development teams


1) Link to KHNC (Webinar) and Upgrade presentations (PDF)



KHNC (Webinar) Presentation (PDF)

BI 4.0 Did you think about your upgrade? (Last update) David F Gonzalez, Technology RIG, SAP

Presentation (PDF)


SAP BW Customers
- Considerations

SAP Integration Update 9 - Should you start with SAP BusinessObjects 4.0 or wait for 4.1? (24 March 2011) Ingo Hilgefort, Customer Insight and Actions, SAP AG)

E-learning BI4.0

How to Upgrade to BI4.0

This an article that covers steps to upgrade

2) Main issues (with workaround) and questions asked by Ramp-Up customers :

This article will list the main questions or issues found by our Ramp-Up customers.
Of course we will explain you the workaround found.

Issues or questions

Minimum Software Level: BI 4.0 SP02 Patch 2.4 or later as @ 2011/08/31. For new deployments, first install BI 4.0 SP02 "full" build downloaded from "Installations and Upgrades" at Service Market Place. For pre-SP02 deployments, apply the SP02 patch ("add-on") build from "Support Packages and Patches". Service Market Place downloads:

The way of importing AD users has changed. Need to create the AD mapping as we did in XI3 but now you have to create manualy all AD groups before doing the upgrade.
We will create a KB and provide you with the link.

This an article that covers steps to upgrade and issues found by Ramp Up customers :

3) Conversion from Desktop Intelligence to WebIntelligence

These articles are going to describe which features are / or NOT availble in BI4.0 and how to find workaround to move Desktop Intelligence reports to WebIntelligence.
We will provide some report with these features.

SDN wiki :

4) How Security Rights are migrated between Xi3.x and BI 4.0.3  (new !!!)


5) Universes and Audit reports

In SAP BusinessObjects 4.0 auditing database schema was changed, improved. The attached sample auditing universe and reports may help you started in the process of developing custom auditing reports for SAP Business Objects 4.0.There are 38 sample Crystal Reports.



6) Understanding 32 bit and 64 bit connectivities deployment

This article will explain you as we have got these questions by many customers

Wiki on  SDN : Target H1 2013.

7) Sizing and Performance 

The previous "T-Shirt sizing" guide is now superceded by the BI 4.0 Quick Sizer online tool for 'initial' or standard sizing scenarios.

The Quick Sizer tool has an associated BI 4.0 Sizing Companion Guide which should also be referenced. The Companion Guide is downloadable from the location described below.

There are also guides for manual sizing for

  • SAP BusinessObjects Explorer 4.0
  • SAP BusinessObjects Web Intelligence 4.0 SP2. This guide also contains sizing guidlines for WebI reporting with BICS BW connectivity.

When sizing requirements are larger than the standard scenarios or a more custom sizing is required, contact your SAP representative to arrange a BI 4.0 expert sizing service.

The sizing guides apply to BI 4.0 SP2 or later   under sizing guidelines->solutions and platform

8) Integration into the Netweaver Enterprise Portal

BI4 Integration into the SAP Entreprise Portal 7.0.x




9) Integrating and Launching Existing BEx Web Applications in BI 4.x

Webinar and article series describes the use case; integrating BEx Web Apps with BI Launch Pad (BI 4.0 web front end); and configuring the BI 4.0 BEx Java stack service with a BW ABAP server.

SDN wiki :

10) BI4 - Introscope & Solution Manager  integration

Article series describes the use case; integrating Introscope and Solution Manager .

SDN wiki :  BI4 - Introscope & SolutionManager integration

11) Understanding Side by side


Client XI 3.1 to Server BI 4.0

Client BI 4.0 to Server XI 3.1

Side by side client install (client XI 3.1 and BI 4.0 on same machine)


Not supported, CR2008 cannot connect to BI 4.0

Not supported, neither CR4E nor CR2011 can connect to XI 3.1

Yes. CR2008, CR2011 and CR4E can co-exist on the same machine

Dashboard (Xcelsius)

Not supported, XC2008 cannot connect to BI 4.0

Not supported, DDT 4.0 cannot connect to XI 3.1

Supported as of BI 4.0 SP01. Dashboard Design Tool 4.0 SP01 and later can co-exist with Xcelsius 2008.


Not supported

Not supported



Not Applicable.

Not supported

Not Applicable.

Transalation Manager

Not supported

Not supported

Not supported

WebIntelligence Rich Client

Not supported

Yes, only in ZABO mode

Not supported

12) Link on Document which explain how to move from BO5/6 to XIR2 platform.

Please note: To upgrade to BI4 you need to be on either XI3.1 or XI Release 2 SP2 onwards. If you are on an earlier version, such as BusinessObjects Version 5, 6 or XI release 1, then upgrade to XI3.1, rather than upgrading to XI Release 2.


    1. The problem with Win AD Groups should be fixed hopefully soon, this is bothersome.
    2. There is an issue when upgrading an old BOE System configured for SAP BW SSO with SNC. It transfers SNC to the new system, but does not show up in CMC|Authentication|SAP at all, and without cryptolib cannot work anyway on a new system. One has to activate SNC on the new system (just put in some fake/nonsense entries), save and then deactivate it again, if one does not want to use SNC. I prefer to use keytab/PKCS#12 anyway.
  1. 1608901 - BI4 Upgrade Management Tool (UMT) does not import AD users

    is the KB for the AD migration

  2. Thank you for compiling this Wiki - very helpful.  Please consider adding Live Office to the "side by side installation" section.

  3. Former Member

    We are upgrading to BI 4.0 from 3.x and have LDAP setup on the 3.x server. However, we need to migrate the security, access levels and users from 3.x system. Do we need to setup LDAP authentication before we migrate or post the migration. What are the steps to setup LDAP authentication on the BI 4.0 platform. Any inputs are highly appreciated.

    1. Vivek,

      you need to set LDAP authentication settings before migration in your Bi4.0 environment, and you have to map same groups as you have in Xi3.1. (Steps are the same as they were in Xi3.x)..

      If you're migrating to BI4.1, then you do not need to map groups in before migration, only setup LDAP.

      1. Former Member

        Dear Denis,

        Thank you for responding! I want to know if we set the LDAP on BI 4.0 first and then import all the users, groups, security settings and access levels. Will this work?


    Yes, if you follow Upgrade Guide - it will work.

    1. Former Member

      Dear Denis,

      Thank you for responding! I just had a quick question regarding the LDAP authentication. Do we perform the following steps before the upgrade?

      1. Set up LDAP authentication on BI 4.0
      2. Map all the LDAP user groups in BI 4.0
      3. Configure LDAP in BI 4.0

      Then perform the upgrade and import all the users, groups, security and access levels from the 3.x system.

      Kindly revert if the above mentioned procedure is correct.