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To provide guidelines on how to analyze the causes and use the proper tools to troubleshoot this error


The Error message WIS30270 in Web Intelligence represents a wide series of causes that require different approaches for a fast and effective resolution. This page is intended to provide all the possible scenarios and the information useful to self-troubleshoot or to collect the right information for Global Support to resolve the problem. 


The error normally appears with the dialog window
“An internal error occurred while calling the <api_name> API. (WIS 30270)”
Where the <api_name>  defines the sub-type of the error.


Possible causes 

The Error Messages Explained guide states that “Information about the document or the data source is invalid or not available.”   which means that the document processing has been interrupted at some point because one of the APIs has experienced an error.  
The generic indication that can be refined only by analyzing the sub-type, which is characterized by the API specified in the error message.
The most frequent involved APIs are listed in the apposite section of this page

Process Flow

The error normally occurs within the Web Intelligence Processing Server, in one of the following phases:

A]  Web Intelligence Processing Serever sends or receives  the query or prepares the document 


B]  Web Intelligence Processing Serever receives user input from the Web Application Server


C]  Web Intelligence Processing Serever sends the document to the Web Application Server


Invoked APIs

 If you are getting a failure on one particular API, click on the name to get a list of possible resolutions:


API Name



 answerPromptsEx answerPrompts answers to prompts to resume an interrupted refresh.


creates a document


executes the drill request


fetches binaries (such as images) and outputs (xls, pdf, ..) either from the session folder or from the cache 


returns the filter bar definition

getDocumentInfoMDP getDocumentInfosgets information on the document such as the properties of the document or the report specification
getMap returns the list of reports in the document
getPages generates outputs for clients or for export (pdf, xls…)
getPromptList returns the list of prompts. 
getSessionInfosEx retrieves information related to the data sources.
initInstance creates the Webi session and logs in the user the very first time it opens a session with the server
openDocumentMDP/ openDocumentsMDP opens the document from cache if available or from the repository
processCustomSort defines a custom sort on some objects.
processDPCommandsEx processDPCommandscommands on Data Providers to add a data source, refresh, …
processVariable adds, changes or deletes variables in the document.
retrieveListOfValuesEx retrieveListOfValuesreturns the list of values for prompts
saveDocumentToCorporateMDP saves the document in the repository
setDocumentProperties changes the document properties such as “refresh on open”


 submitReport Modifies the report (change tables, section, turn to chart, …)


  • Analyze the document
  • Verify the connection to the database is working
  • Activate tracing
  • Check for Core Dumps (Unix OS only)   

Information needed by support

In case you need to open a CSS message, gathering and providing the following information will sensibly speed up the investigation

  • Full system information:
    - BI version and patch level
    - Operating System
    - Reporting database version and type
    - Workflow that leads to the error
  • Trace logs – possibly with:
    -  Time of the error
    -  Timezone of the BI Server
    -  User who was viewing/scheduling the document
    -  Document name
  • Additional information:
    - does the problem affect one or more documents?
    - are the documents migrated between same version level or upgraded from a previous version?
    - does this affect all users?

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