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In the SAP BuisnessObjects Mobile system, individual users or groups can access the BI platform content based on the rights granted to them by the application administrator in the Central Management Console (CMC).

Users can hold the rights of only a BI Viewer, which means they can access and perform specific actions on the documents, but not modify or upload them from their devices.
The application administrator must grant the following minimum rights to authorize the user:

  • Object level rights:
    Users must have the following minimum rights:
    • View rights for folders, categories and documents: This right enables users to access the required folders and categories; download documents, view documents and synchronize the downloaded documents with the mobile server.
    • Refresh rights for documents: This right authorizes users to refresh the documents.

  • Application level rights:
    The administrator must grant users the following rights at the application level:
    • Rights to log on to Web Intelligence
    • Rights to enable formatting for reports
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