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A hierarchy is a set of data members arranged in levels or parent-child relationships
For example, a [Geography] hierarchy might contain the [Country], [State] and [City] levels
Hierarchies produce hierarchical columns in the result set produced by the query.
You can expand the items in the hierarchy to explore its data.
For example, you can expand the [California] level in a [Geography] hierarchy to explore data related to California.
You can select which members appear in the result set by using the Member Selector.
In hierarchical data sources, hierarchies are associated with a dimension and appear beneath the dimension with which they are associated in the list of available objects.

How they work

They normally come from hierarchical data defined at database level and accessed through OLAP Universes or BEx queries.
When accessing RDBMS sources they are commonly called hierarchies, but technically they are navigational paths.

Best practices - How to's

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Known Issues

BI 4.0 SP05


Hide hierarchy objects in Webi BOE SP2+14 it was working now after system was upgraded to 16 & 17 is not available


BW Hierarchy Node value selected in a prompt shows full path in HTML viewer, only the value in all other viewers/editors


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hierarchy display in WebI


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Cannot run duplicated queries containing hierarchical objects


Useful KBs, Notes



Webi report filters based on hierarchies display all values when none are expected


Error: "An internal error occured while calling 'processDPCommandsEx' API. (Error: ERR_WIS_30270) (WIS 30270)" when refreshing WEBI report with a hierarchy object.


DHTML viewer: Hierarchy node variable LOV non-responsive in a Webi report


'List of values for current prompt requires value for following prompts' in prompt in WebI coming from a BEx hierarchy node variable.


BEx hierarchy variable is displayed in a flat list instead of in a tree hierarchy structure in Webi prompt


Linked nodes of an SAP BW Hierarchy are not supported in Webi (accessing BEx query via BICS) in BI4.0


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Sort order of hierarchy node members is not the same in WebIntelligence as the source system (SAP R/3, SAP BW)


Unable to apply a Custom Sort on Hierarchical Dimensions 

1694760Hierarchy expansion behavior set at BEx query level does not replicate in BI Launchpad


Frequently Asked Questions:

Q.: Is it possible to display parent levels at the bottom of the results (by default they are at the top) i.e.:
instead of

USA $400
Florida $100
Texas $100
Wisconsin $100

Florida $100
Texas $100
Wisconsin $100
USA $400

A: No, at present the order is predefined and cannot be customized