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This SDN WIKI space documents techniques for performing root cause analysis and troubleshooting techniques using tools including:

  • Solution Manager Diagnostics
  • CA Wily Introscope
  • BI Platform Monitoring
  • Log Viewers
  • 3rd Party Tools & Utilities


CA Wily Introscope

 Important Documentation

Documents for configuring and utilizing CA Wily Introscope for BI Platform 4.x

 SCN Blogs

Useful blogs on Wily Introscope Dashboards and RCA


Tutorials for performing root cause analysis tasks with CA Wily Introscope and SAP BI 4.x


BI Platform & Third Party Tools

  BI Monitoring Application  

Tutorials for performing root cause analysis tasks with the BI Platform Monitoring Application

 Important Documentation

Useful documents for BI Platform Monitoring

  E2E Tracing without Solution Manager

  Log Viewers & Problem Analysis

SAP provided tools for performing Root Cause Analysis on BI Platform




SAP BI Platform Support Tool 

  • Generate Landscape Analysis Report
  • E2E Trace Wizard (automatic log collection, bo_trace.ini override)
  • SAP Passport Decoder
  • Change Analysis Tool
  • Server comparison and inspection
  • Alert Summary

Microsoft Sysinternals 

 These tools allow low level analysis of process activities occurring on the Windows Operating System

  • Process Monitor
  • Process Explorer
  • Handle

Wireshark / Packet Capture

  • Capture server to server communications
  • filter traces by protocol, IP address, port number, etc
  • Extremely helpful for communications between different products over a network


GLF Log Readers

SAP Client Plugin




SAP Netweaver (BW) transactions related to BI integration

These transactions are common and helpful transactions that can be used to help troubleshoot issues

related to various reporting and configurations within the BI suite.

  • ST01
  • RSTT
  • SE37 - /Crystal/* functions


Repository Diagnostic Tool (RepoScan)

  • Identify / clean up orphaned InfoStore objects
  • Identify orphaned File Repository contents

BOE and Data Services Patch History Analysis Tool

 Identify the following information on a BusinessObjects system

  • Which products and patches were installed
  • What order were they installed
  • What date/time it was installed
  • Was it an install, uninstall, repair
  • Which user installed it
  • What was the build number
  • What is the setup language
  • Was the installation committed successfully to the manifest


Analyze CPU consumption by Java threads in real-time command line interface

Dependency Walker

  • Find missing dependency files for executables and DLLs
  • Find invalid or mismatched dependency files

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