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Welcome to the 'Performance' Home Page!

This is a one stop shop where you can identify possible ways to improve the performance of your SAP BI Suite. Items listed below will span the entire suite.

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Semantic Layer1 (star)Reduce size of UNV fileWith a smaller UNV, the opening/refreshing of documents based on UNV universe could be quicker. This correctly removes deleted classes & objects from the UNV.1726463 - Universe Size Does Not Decrease After Deleting Universe Objects
Web Intelligence2 (star)(star)Exporting to Microsoft Excel documentsAn improve layout of the Web Intelligence document enables the product to product Excel documents much quicker and with a smaller file size.1969285 - How to best export WebIntelligence data to Excel for further processing.
Web Intelligence4 (star)(star)(star)(star)Run multiple Web Intelligence Processing ServersEnables greater scalability by enabling all the CPU cores on a machine to be used to their full potential
Web Intelligence3 (star)(star)(star)Enable a shared Web Intelligence cache across multiple machinesThere is always a shared Web Intelligence cache, however if that cache is shared across multiple machines there can be significant benefits for non-refresh on open documents. A super fast shared cache folder location is required, otherwise the cache can have negative impact.
Web Intelligence3 (star)(star)(star)Improve Webi applet load time and increase memory usageSome client side changes can improve the time it takes to load the Web Intelligence Java Report Panel/applet and increase the memory usage on the client.Tips for Fine Tuning Performance of the Webi Applet Interface (Java Report Panel)
Platform4 (star)(star)(star)(star)Enable parallel garbage collection in 'Adaptive Processing Servers' and Web Application ServerWhen certain Java containers need to "garbage collect" the system might appear to 'hang' for a few moments. Enabling parallel garbage collection means this 'hang' will disappear.Improve BI 4.0 P&R by using Java's Parallel Garbage Collector
Platform4 (star)(star)(star)(star)Split 'static' from 'dynamic' content within the Web Application ServerWeb Applications are highly tuned for 'dynamic' content and 'web servers' are designed for 'static content'. Using each to their optimised use-cases means users can see about 25% performance improvement when interacting with the BILaunchPad.Improving the User Experience with Apache (aka the 'Apache Split') and Update for BI 4.1 and Apache 2.4 and Quick Guide to implementing the Apache Split for BI 4.1 and Apache 2.4
Web Intelligence3 (star)(star)(star)Enable Query Stripping for 'OLAP' universe connectivity to BW (BEx Queries) or another OLAP data sourceEnabling could make the Web Intelligence query to run 25% to 200% faster. It works by removing unused objects from the query.Optimize query with Query Stripping in Web Intelligence
Semantic Layer4 (star)(star)(star)(star)Aggregate the data in the query database, not in the client tool (like Web Intelligence, Lumira)Universe measure objects (sums, counts etc) that do not have an SQL aggregate function in the objects' SQL will mean the data aggregation will occur in the client tool and not in the database. This typically means huge volumes of data is returned resulting in significant performance issues. Ensure the SQL has aggregate functions where ever possible. This also applies to 'free hand SQL'.Use of Semantic Layer over ‘free hand SQL’
Semantic Layer4 (star)(star)(star)(star)When connecting to BW using 'old' UNV BAPI, use the 64 bit driver, rather than the 32 bit driver.Significant performance improvements can be found by using the 64 bit driver over the 32 bit driver.KBA 1930558
Install2 (star)(star)Remove intermediate product versions to increase future installation speed.During the installation, the install needs to build up a picture of the current install state. It does this by building a graph of the Deployment Units at each revision and all the interrelationships between them. The more installed the longer it takes. Removing intermediate product versions will improve future installation speed.KBA 1909881
Install4 (star)(star)(star)(star)Update the product by running the installer in parallel across multiple machinesDuring the 'update' process it is possible to run certain parts in parallel reducing the installation time considerably."4.4 Parallel update" of the BI4.1 SP2 Support Pack update guide and also in section "4.3 Parallel update" of the BI4.1 SP2 Patch update guide. (as more releases come out check for new guides)
Promotion Management5 (star)(star)(star)(star)(star)Promote without security and without dependenciesThere are real benefits of avoiding 'promoting with security' and preventing the tool to calculate dependencies. These can be very expensive operations and by removing them can dramatically improve performance.Promotion Management (LCM): BI 4.1 SP2 has lots of performance improvements
Platform4 (star)(star)(star)(star)Allocate more memory to each Adaptive Processing ServerIncreasing the amount of memory within each Adaptive Processing Server can dramatically improve performance, as it allows the process to continue without the need to continuously garbage collect or keep its working memory under a certain level. Increasing the memory too much, has knock off effects, since it takes away memory from others.In 'Minimum Memory Settings' section of BI Sizing Guide.
Platform4 (star)(star)(star)(star)Give the 'DSL Bridge' Platform service a dedicated Adaptive Processing Server.The 'DSL Bridge' (used for BW BexQuery Access and UNX Universes) performs best with a dedicated Adaptive Processing Server and in some cases will require a lot of dedicated RAM (up to 10G or even much higher in some rare cases). Conduct tests with different RAM allocation to determine best performance. Scale out DSL Bridges too.In 'Web Intelligence Tuning' section of BI Sizing Guide.
Web Intelligence3 (star)(star)(star)Disable Online Certificate Status Protocol in Client Side Java OptionsDisabling this protocol in the client side Java Options will improve the Java Applet Load time. In many cases considerable differences have been observed, 2 minutes compared with 5 seconds

KBA 1904873

Web Intelligence4 (star)(star)(star)(star)Set BICS Chunk Sizes for BW.When querying BW set the BICSResultChunkSize and BICSResultChunkSize to their correct size to improve the time for data to be returned from BW (applicable for List of Values too)In 'Web Intelligence Tuning' section of BI Sizing Guide.
Install2 (star)(star)Avoid undeploy of web applications by installing without automatically deploying web appsInstall the BI Platform without automatically deploying the web applications. This will then avoid the step 'undeploy web applications' which is taken by 'patch' updates during a software update. This step can be taken manually or via script after the update process. This can save considerable time.No references.
 JMeter   4 (star)(star)(star)(star) First steps using JMeter to create a First Test PlanThis is the starting point if you plan to create your own test plans to check your own deployment. Creating your first test plan
 JMeter 4 (star)(star)(star)(star) Brief introduction to Apache JMeter This is a generic information explaining the use of Jmeter and linking to next steps Introduction to Apache JMeter
 JMeter(star)(star)(star)(star) Video explaining how to prepare a test for logon/logoff in 3.1This video show how to capture browser traffic to understand BOE 3.1 login process and how to prepare a simple test performing logon / logoff in InfoView. Video Blog of Jmeter test for XI 3.1 logon / logoff
 JMeter 4 (star)(star)(star)(star) BI4 Web Intelligence Performance Test Document showing how to record a test plan for opening and refresh a Web intelligence document. BI4 Web Intelligence Performance Test
 JMeter(star)(star)(star)(star) Performance Testing SAP BOE 3.1 and Web Intelligence. Document showing how to record a test plan for SAP BusinessObjects Enterprise 3.1 refresh of a Web Intelligence Document. Performance Testing SAP BusinessObjects Enterprise 3.1



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