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Welcome to the BI4.0 Product Support page.
This is the SDN WIKI starting point for topics around supporting the BI4.0 SPx product release.

<<< XI3.1 Product Support page


SAP Product Information



Product Documentation

These product documents cover a wide range of topics from Installation and Security to Administration and Release notes. 


 Product Maintenance

Keep your BI installation up to date and maintained .  This section will provide information about support package releases. 



 Software Download Center

The Software Download Center is the sigle repository to find and download Product Installations and Product patches.  To access the Software Download Center, you must have active login credentials to the service marketplace and be licensed to access the software.








SAP Support Information



  Search SAP BI KBA Articles  

Find answers to technical support issues for the BI Platform.  Here you can find information provided by SAP support to assist you with your deployment.



Featured BI4 Enablement Articles

The following articles will help enable your BI4.0 deployment for a production ready state.