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Pattern Book Contents

In this simple but real-life example pattern of deploying SAP BusinessObjects BI Platform in your organizations existing IBM Power Series midrange platform. In this example pattern this deployment will be a 'Medium' deployment which is robust, secure enough to handle a moderate number of user requests and is a scalable architecture.


In our examples, all BI platform server(s) are respective AIX LPAR(s) running on IBM AIX 7.1 platformAlthough this pattern book doesn't specifically make reference to WPAR(s), there is certain sections that comment and provide detail on a deployment using WPAR(s), which could serve as an example on deploying BI Platform servers on AIX WPAR(s) instead of AIX LPAR(s).

For an overview of the machines and the respective environments in this pattern, please see IBM AIX System Landscape Overview.

For an overview of the process involved with installing and configuring the servers and in order to understand which order they have to be done, please see IBM AIX Pattern Overview.


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