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The BIRA universe may not contain the CMS InfoObject information you need. In this tutorial we will introduce the steps to add a simple object to the universe.

The new object will be created in a linked universe, see 01 - Split development using linked universe for more information.

The Author of documents information is missing and a new universe object must be created.
First you need to find ab object that contains the missing information, next you can modify the universe.

Step 1: Find the object property

Search for the object using the CMC

Browse in the CMC to find the Object ID of a Web Intelligence document. We will use the ID to query the details of the document.

Search for the object details using Query Builder 

Using the Query Builder we can query the properties of the Web Intelligence document.
Query:  select * from ci_infoobjects, ci_appobjects, ci_systemobjects where si_id=5427
In the query result we will find the information for Author: SI_AUTHOR

Step 2: Modify the universe

We will now use the Business Layer of the linked universe to create a new object in a new folder. We are not using existing folders of the core universe to avoid naming conflicts between objects in the core and the linked universe.

Add a new folder to the Business Layer

Add a new universe object to the Business Layer

Create a new object, here we will copy from the existing object Name:

Paste the object to the Business Layer folder:

Modify the object definition, here Name and Select:

Test the new universe object in a query

Select Queries in the Business Layer and create a new query. Use the universe objects Id, Name and Author, define the Query Filter kind = 'webi'. Select Refresh to get the results:







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