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Now available as a technical hub to your wiki articles, BOpedia's structure is proven to make technical articles easier to find and navigate.

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Business Objects Wiki

Welcome to the BusinessObjects e-books wiki page.  Select any of the wiki's below to find more information about BusinessObjects products or share your expertise by adding to the different chapters.

Enterprise Information Management Use Case Wiki
Examples of when to use Information Management in the real world

BusinessObjects Data Services Tips and Tricks
Explore BusinessObjects Data Services Tips and Tricks, including Data Quality Management and Text Data Processing. 

Data Quality Management SDK

SAP BusinessObjects Data Quality Management SDK (DQM SDK) allows organizations to embed data quality functionality such as global address validation, data cleansing, data matching, and geocoding directly within their applications. The data quality functions are delivered through an API allowing developers to quickly enhance the value of any application. Since the functionality is delivered as a set of libraries for C++, Java, and the .Net framework, this deployment of Data Quality Management does not require server components and eliminates the overhead of client/server communication. Data Quality Management SDK is a simple API which will allow developer’s an extremely quick deployment of data quality functionality.

Star Schema Design

When building a Data Warehouse, one person favors Snowflake Schemas, the other Star Schemas, another one wants to build an OLAP cube directly and you end up with lot of statements like "a data model is build that way" but no explanation why. In this book, we want to highlight the facts behind so YOU can decide rather than being pulled forth and back by different opinions.

Crystal Reports 2008
Here you will find a collection of documents, interviews, and demonstrations pertaining to Crystal Reports 2008.

Business Objects Voyager
Here you will find documents and information on Business Objects Voyager

SAP BusinessObjects Analysis for Microsoft Office
Here you will find documents and information on Analysis, edition for Microsoft Office.
BWA and Explorer homepage
All you ever wanted to know about BWA and Explorer in an any-source scenario. How to set it up, how to use Index Designer for designing the cube, how to use DataServices to load it, Tips and Tricks around that.

BWA and Explorer homepageSAP BusinessObjects Explorer API guide and samples

Documentation and samples that demonstrate how to use the Input REST API for SAP BusinessObjects Explorer version 3.2 SP2 and upwards.

SAP Business Intelligence Platform Pattern Books

A pattern book is a step by step 'how to' of an actual deployment being documented as precisely as possible. The objective is to give a live exemple of a successful deployment and how it was technically achieved.

Developer Resources

Sample Applications
These wiki pages list many of the sample applications available for the BusinessObjects Enterprise and Crystal Reports SDK's. The samples are available in Java and .NET.

Crystal Reports 2008 - application developer issues resolved - Service Packs and Fix Packs

These wiki contain details on what is fixed in each Crystal Report 2008 Service Pack and Fix Pack. The wiki pages will be maintained with all future fixes for the CR / BO SDK for VS .NET and the Java SDK, but will not be back filled to pre SP 2.

This is a link to a series of wikis documententing issues resolved for Crystal Reports 2008 and InPorc RAS SDKs for Visual Studio .NET.

This is a link to a series of wikis documententing issues resolved for Crystal Reports for VS2010 (CRVS2010)

Crystal Reports for Eclipse
The Crystal Reports for Eclipse e-Book contains articles, videos, and information on how to create reports and embed them in custom java applications.

Getting Started with Web Services SDK
This e-book provides you with an overview of the Web Services (WS) SDK available with the following Business Objects products:

  • BusinessObjects Edge
  • BusinessObjects Enterprise XI Release 2
  • Crystal Reports Server XI Release 2

Extension Points for the Web Intelligence Interactive Viewer
The page contains some samples on how to use the Extension Points for the Web Intelligence Interactive Viewer (also known as the DHTML viewer). This feature became available as of SP2 of XI 3.

Getting Started with Desktop Intelligence VBA macros
The "Getting Started with Desktop Intelligence VBA macros" focuses on the Visual Basic for Application (VBA) macro and its association with Desktop Intelligence (DeskI).

Report Application Server Database Connectivity
This covers what database information is accessible using the Report Application Server SDK for different connection types.

Content Request Areas

SAP BusinessObjects BI Expert Advice (Dear aBI) 

BOC Newsletter - Technical Content Request

Value Added Samples and Demos - Demo Request

SAP BusinessObjects Webinars (KHNC) - Topic Request


  1. Unknown User (sk56mro)

    How do I obtain Business Objects XI R2 SP2?  I have attempted to logonto ESD, but it does not appear to recognize my credentials.  Thanks!

  2. Unknown User (100ezlp1j)

    I cannot find any information on how to get simple service packs either.  We have a bad SP1, but no searches I have tried have turned up anything other than PDFs on what is IN the SPx.  Come on, there should be SOME information on the SUPPORT site or associated wiki on how to get service packs!

  3. Unknown User (99a4pq0q)

    In SAP COMMUNITY NETWORK you can find it by following:

    "Business Objects" (top) -> "Support" (top) -> "Business Objects Downloads" (left) ->

     "Get Crystal Reports, Crystal Reports Server, and Xcelsius downloads"

  4. Unknown User (a0u7lnr)

    What I would really like to see is a diagram and associated document that describes how all of the product offerings fit together.  We purchased our products at the recomendation of sales, and while we understand the process of writting the reports in Crystal and deploying them so that the end users can view them through InfoView, nobody understands what to do with most of the other components, so it would be nice to see something that describes that.  Example:  Why would we build a Universe?  When we already have deployed reports, what would we use xcelsius for?

  5. Unknown User (105os82ms)

    Re: Mark's comment

    Sales sold you on a product, then left you to figure it out - gee, that never happens! (wink)

    You should probably enlist a partner, at least to get you started. The following link is to the SAP BOBJ Partner locator (though we'd certainly be available to help. (smile)\\


     Jim Payton

    Dynamic Intelligence

  6. Re: Mark's comment

    Hi Mark,

    Your sales rep should be able to answer your questions or can bring someone in to help you.

    I can also point you to some fantastic examples and resources contributed by community members:


    Knowledge Centers (at the bottom of each product portal page): Crystal Reports Design:
    Also, don't hesitate to post your questions in the discussion forums as well.

    Hope this helps!


  7. Unknown User (gp7cugt)


    Concerning BI4 "BO Analysis for MS": Is there any documentation on Analysis views (hints & tips? maintenance best practices..?). (The end-user guide is light on this functionnality).