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Business Objects(3.1) Front End Applications and BO Advantages over BEx

A lot of good and detailed information is already available on SDN regarding this topic. However in this wiki, I have made an attempt to give a brief overview about the BO front end applications. Later I have mentioned few advantages of BO compared to BEx.

BO(3.1) Front End Applications

Central Management Console – CMC

It is a web based tool used to manage Business Objects Enterprise system, by performing management tasks and administration tasks. The administrator can do the following tasks.

  1. User Management: Create new user, Modify existing user (Locked user, Changed password), Delete user.
  2. Content Management: Providing access to the users.
  3. Server Management:  Start, Stop, Restart, Configuration of servers.

We can login to the Central Management Console either through Browser or through Business Objects Enterprise Administration Launch pad from the program group on the windows start.

Central Configuration Manager- CCM

It is a window based tool for administration. The administrator can only do server management tasks which include: Start, Stop, Enable and Disable the servers. It can configure each of your BOE server components. It allows us to view and to configure advanced server settings.


It is a toughly integrated web portal to create reports through the web, modify, delete the existing reports, distributing all the BO reports to the end user.

Syntax URL for Infoview is http://servername: port number/InfoviewApp/Logon.jsp

Desktop Intelligence (DESKI)

It is a web based tool. It is for creating a report through the desktop.

Web Intelligence Rich Client

It is a collaboration of both Webi and Deski.

Import Wizard

It is a window based tool to deploy reports from Development to QA to Production or migration from lower version to higher version.

Publishing Wizard

It is for publishing large volume of data from local system to server.

Software Inventory Tool

It is for identifying the installed softwares in the local system and their working conditions.

Diagnostic Tool

It will identify the exact root cause of the issue happened while developing reports.

Query as a Web Service (QAAWS)

It is for converting a report query as web service definition language.


It is for creating a Universe between the reporting layer and target data base.


A universe is a semantic layer or meaningful layer or micro cube or semi cube between the target data base and the reporting layer.

Data Source Migration Wizard

It is for taking complete backup of the repository.

Translation Manager

It is for converting the report from one language to other language.

Report Conversion Tool

It is for converting the Deski reports to Webi format.

Business View Manager

It is the semantic layer between OLTP and crystal reports.

Query Builder

It is for writing usage tracking reports on top of audit database.

Crystal Reports

It is for creating reports on top of OLTP databases.


It is for creating interactive and colorful dashboards.


It is for creating the reports for mobile users.


It is for creating multidimensional report on top of multiple OLAP cubes.

Advantages of BO compared to BEx

  1. Minimum 20% cost will be reduced using BO.
  2. Supports for multiple users to access their reports.
  3. BO has good horizontal scaling.
  4. BO has very good formatting features than BEx.
  5. BO has very robust security.
  6. We need have a separate developer to publish into portals.
  7. We can create a report with multiple templates as per the end user requirement.
  8. Scheduling procedure in BO is very easy and simple than BEx.
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