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We recently completed our first Business Objects Diamond Developer Conference in San Francisco. The developer sessions focused on supporting customers to simplify the creation, integration and deployment of report-based applications.

Built for Developers

Attendees consisted of report designers, application developers and developer architects working on departmental or enterprise solutions. The sessions demonstrated techniques and features for advanced Crystal report design, introduced Crystal Reports® for Eclipse™ and outlined report deployment best practices. Review or experience the sessions after the fact. Access the session PowerPoints, related content and more. 

General Sessions

Find out more about the Business Objects products and our developer strategy. Learn about recent investments in developer support and get your questions answered by a panel of senior product management and R&D team members.

Download the general session presentation

Design Track

Topic 1: Advanced Crystal Report Design- Find out how to use advanced report design features such as sub-reports, grouping, formulas, Dynamic Cascading Parameters and more.

Download the Advanced Crystal Report Design PowerPoint

Topic 2: Amazing Things With Crystal Reports- Attendees will learn how they can use the Web Controls to author interactive Web Pages that write and read from a database all within the Crystal Report design tool.

Download the Amazing things with Crystal Reports PowerPoint

Topic 3: The Dynamic Duo: Crystal Xcelsius and Web Services- As a data visualization tool, Crystal Xcelsius rocks. And when combined with the power of web services, it is even better. In this session, you will learn how to connect your Crystal Xcelsius dashboards to real-time data. We'll look at how you can use Live Office to connect to your data source and refresh your data. We'll also look at creating your own custom .NET web service to provide data for your dashboard and how to create a "generic" web service to return data from your database with just a few simple parameters. And to keep things fair, we'll do the same with a JSP web service as well and show you the end-to-end integration from a web service all the way through to your Crystal Xcelsius dashboard.

Download The Dynamic Duo: Crystal Xcelsius and Web Services

Learn more here

Develop & Integrate Track

Topic 1: Developing With The Business Objects Web Services- Find out how Web Services are integrated into Business Objects products. Learn how to develop applications using the web services provided by Crystal Reports Server and BusinessObjects Enterprise. Also find out how the Web Services SDK can be used to create smart client dashboard applications through Crystal Xcelsius.

Download Developing With The Business Objects Web Services PowerPoint

View the presentation here

View the code demonstration  

Topic 2: An Inside Look At Crystal Reports For Eclipse- Attend this presentation to discover how Java™ developers are using a free download of Crystal Reports for Eclipse to speed up application development within the Eclipse IDE. Get insight into Business Objects' Eclipse roadmap and how this will benefit Java developers.Download An Inside Look At Crystal Reports For Eclipse PowerPointView the presentation here  

Topic 3: Choose the right SDK for the right Task- Often, several SDKs might appear appropriate candidates, but choosing the wrong one could waste a lot of your time. Discover which SDK "belongs" to each Business Objects product you've installed. Learn how to choose the best one and get your development project off to the right start. Understand the differences between the component SDKs and the Enterprise SDKs, when each is most appropriate, and how you can easily upgrade component technologies to server-based technologies. You'll leave this breakout with a solid understanding of how each SDK fits into the Business Objects and Crystal product roadmap, and how you can find resources to help your development projects.

Download Choose the right SDK for the right task

Topic 4: Integrating with - Do you need to reduce IT costs and resources? Discover how to integrate into your applications. allows you to leverage the benefits of a powerful enterprise reporting solution, including sharing reports across the internet while reducing IT costs and resources. This session will provide a brief introduction to and then walk through several prototype scenarios that illustrate how to leverage in your global solutions.

Download Integrating with

Topic 5: Security with the BusinessObjects Enterprise SDK - Do you need programmatic control of BusinessObjects security? Learn step-by-step how to develop a customized front-end application and only give your administrators the security features they need. Understand the BusinessObjects Enterprise security model and how it maps to the SDK classes. See how you can programmatically create users and groups, assign users and roles, and set their rights and privileges. Discover how you can also manage reports--including setting limits for retention and number of instances. This breakout will consist mostly of code demonstrations in C# and Java, with minimal PowerPoint slides. You should be familiar with developing in a .NET or Java environment.

Download Security with the BusinessObjects Enterprise SDK

Find out more here

Topic 6: Advanced Enterprise Development with Crystal Reports - Do you use Crystal Reports in your BusinessObjects Enterprise environment? Do you need to reduce the load on your database or export XML to external processes? Come discover the tips and tricks of programming Crystal Reports in an Enterprise environment, known only by the masters. Learn how to combine Java POJOs or .NET Datasets with BusinessObjects Enterprise to reduce the load on your database. Understand new techniques for exporting XML Data Streams from the Report Application Server to an external process. Hear best practice guidelines for deploying your applications to your servers. Take home the code that will help you master these new techniques.

Download Advanced Enterprise Development with Crystal Reports Presentation

Find out more here

Topic 7: Integrating Crystal Reports Into .Net 2.0 Applications - Do you need to embed Crystal Reports in your .Net 2.0 applications? Learn step-by-step how to seamlessly integrate Crystal Reports into your web applications and Windows forms applications. Learn how to make the best use of the Crystal Reports XI SDK classes in your custom reporting solutions. See the Crystal Reports XI SDK in action as you view demonstrations of two custom .Net applications, and walk away with the code. Attendees of this session should be familiar with .NET and C# as a majority of the presentation will consist of code demonstrations and minimal PowerPoint slides.

Download Integrating Crystal Reports Into .Net 2.0 Applications

Learn more about Crystal Reports for .NET  

Deploy Track

Topic 1: Crystal Reports Component Deployment Best Practices - This session will go through the best practices and pitfalls of deploying the Crystal Reports components in custom applications. The session will be primarily focused on Crystal Reports for .NET but will also discuss the RDC, the JRC, Crystal Reports Server and BusinessObjects™ Enterprise.

Download Crystal Reports Component Deployment Best Practices PowerPoint

View the presenation here  

Topic 2: Architecting For Performance- Learn best practices around designing custom reporting applications for performance. This session will cover report design, report component architecture, and server architecture.

Download Architecting For Performance PowerPoint

View the presentation here 

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