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NOTE: This page is still a work in progress. I need to get the links updated. 

We had an extremely successful developer conference this year with over 500 people registering for this special event for developers. Highlights included the pre-announcement of Crystal Reports 2008 by the founder of Business Objects Bernard Liautaud. Each presentation has its own page where you are able to download the presentation slides.
The table provides a summary of the sessions, see below for abstracts and presentation slide downloads.

Programming the RAS

Web Services in action at the Business Objects Labs

Integration of Webi Reports using SDK into your JSP Application

What new for Developers in the next version of Crystal Reports

Breakthrough Customizations for Web Intelligence

What Can VBA Do For Me?

OnDemand for Developers

User Auditing Using the Business Objects .NET SDK

Powered by Crystal Reports for Eclipse: A success story

Intelligent Applications Everywhere

Crystal Reports Power Hour

Practical Use of the Designer SDK

Consume, Produce, Transform XML with Crystal Reports 2008

Business Objects Web Services Integration

SDK Applications in an Hour


Programming the RAS - Carl Ganz - President - Seton Software

Learn the how to modify your Crystal Reports using the Report Application Server (RAS) object model. The RAS object model is now available to embedded report developers using Crystal Reports XI Release 2 SP2 as well as Business Objects XI R2, Crystal Reports Server and Crystal Decisions. Discover through C# code examples how to make runtime changes to groups, sections, data fields, special fields, summary fields, and formula fields as well as creating reports from scratch.

Click here to download Carl's presentation and sample code

Web Services in action at the Business Objects Labs - Alexis Naibo - Architect, Business Objects

Discover how Business Objects Labs is using standard Business Objects XI Release 2 web services to implement innovative service-oriented applications. View new mobile and desktop clients that fully take advantage of the business intelligence service-oriented architecture (SOA). Learn how you can very easily consume Web Service enabled BI application data. Hear a review of some of key architectural challenges that need to be addressed in order to gain the full benefits of the new Web 2.0's paradigm "The Web is the platform."

View the presentation here.

Integration of Webi Reports using SDK into your JSP Application - Tom Ray - Senior Data Warehouse Architect - Daugherty Business Solutions

Need to seamless integrate Web Intelligence reports into custom applications? Come learn how to integrate Web Intelligence into new and existing Java web applications using the Business Objects report viewers and SDK. Learn from the experience of the presenter as he walks you through the SDK step by step and covers topics like setting prompts, refreshing and drilling.

Click here to view the presentation

What new for Developers in the next version of Crystal Reports - Ian Treleaven - Program Manager - Business Objects

In this presentation for both .NET and Java developers you will learn how the next version of Crystal Reports is going to open up a whole new world of opportunities, and scenarios for developers.

Click here to view presentation.

What Can VBA Do For Me? - Bill Croasmun - Senior Healthcare Data Analyst - KePro

Ever need to customize your Full Client/Desktop Intelligence experience. Learn how VBA can be used to fill in for various Business Objects Desktop Intelligence configurations and product add-on's. Walk through practical code examples that demonstrate how VBA can enhance built in functions and generate practical sample data sets with a report. Discover how to manipulate variables and apply various on the fly statistics.

View the presentation here.

OnDemand for Developers - Steve Williams - Senior Product Marketing Manager - Business Objects

Ever wanted to add reporting to your software-as-a service-applications? What about extending an on premise application with on demand features to make a hybrid application? Would you like to enable reporting on your custom database application via web services? Join us for this detailed session to find out how you can do this today! Whether you want to manage users and reports, live connectivity to your data or embed reporting into your application, we have the APIs for you.

View the presentation here.

User Auditing Using the Business Objects .NET SDK - Dell Stinnett - Sr. Software Engineer - ZC Sterling

Many companies have a requirement to audit user access periodically. While it's fairly straightforward for the administrator to go into the CMC and review at each user and group's permissions, that doesn't satisfy the need to have department managers review user access without having access to the CMC. Join us as we walk through an solution that leverages the .NET SDK to load data from the CMC into an in-memory dataset and then generate Crystal reports on that data. You'll leave this breakout with a clear understanding of how to build an application that will help you and your users see the big picture of how your users are set up to access reports.

View the Dell's presentation.

Powered by Crystal Reports for Eclipse: A success story - Jessica King - Client/Server Programmer - R. E. Phelon Company

Come learn from one customer's success story with integrating Crystal Reports for Eclipse with custom applications, an enterprise ERP system, and disparate databases, bringing a new level of empowerment and knowledge to an entire enterprise. Learn how you can quickly deploy a web-based report viewer for your users and a trusted application for on-demand reporting. See Crystal Reports for Eclipse and the JRC (Java Reporting Component) in action and walk away with instantly deployable code.

View presentation hear.

Intelligent Applications Everywhere - Robert Horne - Developer Evangelist - Business Objects

Come learn how Business Objects is making it easier for developers to integrate business intelligence into applications everywhere. In this presentation you will be given an overview of all of the integration points that Business Objects provides to enable intelligent applications everywhere.

View the presentation slides.

Crystal Reports Power Hour - Todd Hanna - Program Manager - Business Objects

Learn from a team of fun and energetic Crystal Reports Program managers as they tag-team on this dynamic presentation that will include mini-presentations of fun and frivolous uses for Crystal Reports and other Business Objects products. Focusing on primarily report design issues this presentation is a most see for any professional report designer.

Stay tuned for a video of this presentation to be published in the next month.

Practical Use of the Designer SDK- Rosalind Beasley - Principal Consultant - Web Intelligent Design

Does your organization require formal design specifications for your universes? Are you lacking visibility into the history of universe changes and their impact? Would you like to give object description stewardship back to the business owner? Discover how and when to use the Designer SDK to meet these needs and more. This session will include demonstrations and C# code illustrating .Net Framework COM Interoperability, interrogation and manipulation of universe metadata, and universes change capture. You will leave this session with the foundational knowledge of the designer object model required to build practical and useful utilities and a toolkit to begin development immediately.

Click here to view the presentation.

Consume, Produce, Transform XML with Crystal Reports 2008 - Ian Treleaven - Program Manager - Business Objects

Find out about the new XML exporter in the next version of Crystal Reports and the ability to add transform-based export formats to your Crystal reports using embedded XSLT. Transform to any text-based format you want (XBRL, HL7, CSV, HTML, etc.). Access it through new APIs for easy integration into custom and vertical applications. Learn more about consuming XML data using the new Crystal Reports enhanced XML data driver. Connect to parameterized Web Services, secured with WS-Security. Optimize your XML data streams for greater performance. Hear from the Crystal Reports program manager, responsible for these new features. This is a demo-heavy session.

Click here to view presentation.

Business Objects Web Services Integration - Michael Brown

An SOA (service oriented architecture) approach was decided by our application services department. This approach using .Net web services that integrates with the Business Objects web services allows for true application integration. Embedding project specific reports hosted within Business Objects Enterprise dynamically allows for end-users the flexibility to launch reports directly from their application interfaces. Either through web applications or thick clients, web services calls are made with re-useable code targeted to specific audiences. Single source security( Active Directory) leveraged by Business Objects is utilized by each project based on AD groups at the folder(s) level, ensuring user permissions are maintained.
Click here to view presentation.

SDK Applications in an Hour - Keith Crumb

Ever want to create a custom application using the BusinessObjects Software Development Kit (SDK) but don't know how? Learn better by working with examples rather than by reading about them? This session should be perfect for you, as a real-world utility is assembled using the SDK from scratch. Attendees will witness the process every step of the way, with plenty of demonstrations that highlight new features as then are added. Source Code for the utility and instructions for re-creating the same utility at home will be provided.

View presentation hear.

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