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The resolved issues documented in this wiki apply to Crystal Reports 2008 SDK for VS .NET and InProc RAS SDK for VS .NET. A list of issues resolved for Enterprise products, such as Business Objects Enterprise, is available to from the SAP BusinessObjects Support Portal to customers with valid maintenance agreements only.

Crystal Reports .NET applications may display the following error message upon being closed: "This application has requested the
runtime to terminate in an unusual way. Please contact the application's support team for more information".
This problem happens with applications that use a JDBC or XML driver connection.
New Behavior:
This problem is resolved.

In a multi-form Visual Studio adoplus application that uses the Crystal Reports Viewer, a critical section variable may display null
references, and the application may terminate unexpectedly when the viewer is closed.
New Behavior:
This problem is resolved.
Note #1413745

When paging through a report in the .NET Web Form Viewer, duplicate EPFs are created instead of reusing the ones from already
viewed pages.
This problem results in slower performance for large reports.
New Behavior:
This problem is resolved.
To solve the problem, when paging through a report in the .NET Web Form Viewer, EPFs from already viewed pages are reused.
Note #1405220 **

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