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 Caching BI 4.2 Update on Tomcat Servers 1 & 2 (Web-Tier components only) and on all processing tier servers (if any) in parallel. However, in our pattern book we only have Web-Tier components and no separate or independent processing tier servers, so we will run caching on Web-Tier on Tomcat machine in parallel.

Caching BI 4.2 SP1 Web-Tier update on both Tomcat servers in parallel.

Cache Process in Tomcat:

  1. To map network drive, perform the following:
    1. Open File Explorer
    2. Choose Computer
    3. Navigate to Map Network Drive
  2. Provide the path of setup.exe and map it.
    You have mapped the setup.exe to network location.

  3. Choose Finish.
  4. Open command prompt, navigate to the mapped drive provided in the below screenshot and press ENTER. For caching run the following command as shown in the command prompt for both the Tomcat machines.
  5. SAP Business object installation page appears, here choose Next.
  6. SAP BusinessObjects installation wizard appears, here choose Next.
  7. Select the I Accept the license agreement button and choose Next.

  8. Provide the CMS DB password and choose Next.
  9. Choose Next to start installation.
  10. Installation wizard appears with the progress bar.
  11. Once caching is complete, you get the below pop up message.

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a.       Open File Explorer

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