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The purpose of this WIKI page is to consolidate all of the known issues that have been corrected as well as What's New and known limitations for the Web Intelligence Calculation Engine (Information Engine) in one location.

There are potentially a number of fixes in each maintenance release for BI4 ( Minor Release / Support Pack / Critical Patch ) and  for XI 3 ( Service Pack / Fix Pack ) that are documented in the Fixed Issues Guide for each release. This sometimes is cumbersome to search through as they are not separated by component fixed.


The Information Engine is responsible for calculations performed in Web Intelligence during rendering such as formula calculations, report level variable calculations and aggregations such as automatic aggregations and those performed by the functions SUM, COUNT, MAX, MIN, etc.

Refer to the child pages below for a break down of

  • List of changes in behavior or new features introduced that affect WebI's Calculation Engine
  • Known Issues & Limitations of WebI's Information Engine component that still exist
  • Problem Report for the Information Engine component that affects formulas and variables within a Web Intelligence document and the fix milestone in which they were corrected under "Fixed Issues"

Refer to the External Guides in the “Related Content” section for Reference and more information

Enhancement Request Ideas to relieve Calculation Engine upgrade issues

Calculation Engine Changes Causing Upgrade Problems?

Many users find upgrading SAP Web Intelligence can cause expected data values in their reports to change from one version to the next. With the multitude of changes, fixes and limitations within the WebI Calculation Engine, it can be difficult to validate reports are showing expected values after upgrading or migrating.

Customers, Developers & Support have brainstormed some great ideas for tools to help with upgrading. Please take a moment to review these ideas, add comments and vote these ideas up to show Product Group your support for these Bright Ideas!

Tool to help identify differences between versions:

"Compatibility mode" for WebI calculation engine:

Best Practices for upgrading

Many of our customers use the following checks when upgrading to make sure changes (whether intentional, new product limitations, defects or regressions) are not negatively impacting their deployment:

To perform these checks, where possible, create a sample set of reports that best matches your end users' reporting habits and use them as a sort of "Gold Standard" for comparison as you upgrade or migrate:

  1. Formatting Check – Compare from version to version and against your overall standards. Examples:
    • Do the font size, color, face type, etc appear correct?
    • Is the report Page Layout as expected?
    • Are graphics appearing how and where expected?
  2. Prompt Check & Filter check – Validate report prompts and filters. Examples:
    • Are filters applied correctly?
    • Are prompts providing the correct LOVs?
    • Are prompt / filter selections returning the expected data?
  3. Data Check – Validate the report data and compare across versions
    • Calculations are performed at view time, so be sure to have a copy in the previous version for cross checking
    • Is the data returning or are there errors (such as #MULTIVALUE, #SYNTAX)?
    • Is the data returned accurate?
  4. Formula/Logic Check – Validate the Objects Formula, similar to the Data Check:
    • Is the data returning or are there errors (such as #MULTIVALUE, #SYNTAX)?
    • Is the data returned accurate?
    • Is the formula respecting filters, contexts etc applied?
  5. Query Check – Validate the Query:
    • Are there any changes in argument, structure, or syntax?
    • Is there any performance degradation?
  6. Properties Check:
    • Are breaks, sections, etc still in place?
    • Are aggregations for breaks, sections, etc displaying expected results?
  7. Export Options Check
    • Check export results (to MS Excel, Adobe PDF, csv, etc) to make sure results are expected
    • Check formatting and layout of exported reports
  8. Processing Check
    • Run reports and check for processing errors (WIS 30270, Error INF, etc)
    • Check that key reports do not crash the server and return without error
    • Do the same for ad hoc reports to check that reports can be created successfully
  9. Processing time check
    • Refresh key reports and check performance, is it close to previous run times?
    • Schedule key reports and check the same

Note that this list is based on recommendations by other customers and is not necessarily a complete list. Use it as a starting point as you plan and test your upgrades.

What's New?

These pages discuss new features or changes in behavior in each fix level for XI 3 and BI 4

Known Issues and Limitations with WebI Calculation Engine

These pages cover the known issues or product limitations that exist for the Web Intelligence calculation engine.

Fixed Issues involving WebI Calculation Engine

These pages contain the Problem Reports and milestones each discovered problem is corrected under.

These lists are quite long, so use "Ctrl F" to search for terms specific to the issue you are looking for.

Most ADAPTs have KBAs associated with them that provide further detail. So if you find an Problem Report you believe matches an issue you are having, try searching for the ADAPT number in the SAP BusinessObjects KBA search for more information on the problem.

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  1. Bravo Carly! This is a ton of work but well needed for customers and colleagues alike.  Thank you!

  2. Very good article!

    It completes the following one: 


  3. Thanks.  I agree with the Bug Paradox.  It's been a challenge for what was meant to be an ad hoc, slice & dice reporting tool to be used so widely as an ETL tool, dashboarding, complex reporting, etc.  Users are finding ways to work around limited access to the Semantic Layer & data source where some of these aggregations should be taking place creating some fairly complex formulas.


    Not that it shouldn't be used this way since WebI allows it, but I don't belive that was the original intention and therefore the Calculation Engine had to go through some growing pains.


    We've seen calculations becoming more and more complex where changes need to be made, ambiguities cleared up, etc.


    WebI Developers have been aware of it as well and have taken the opportunity to start with a Formula Rewrite Tool in BI 4.1 SP03 to help with migrations from a version where the calculation engine behaved one way, then changed.


    The current scope addresses 3 main changes:

    1. Running Calculations
    2. Where operator on measure
    3. Aggregation functions on individual objects inside a merged object


    I've written some WIKI pages to further clarify the Formula Rewrite Tool beyond what Development has put out there:


    Development documentation:



    (Edited to correct links)

    1. Hi Carly

      Thanks for the feedback. Unfortunatley the mentioned links don't work on my side. Can you please double chekc?

      Best regards


  4. Hi Raphael,

    Weird, I see it's stripped the links.


    Here is the blog link:


    And the Product Documentation link (which is also provided above by Gregory):