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Product versions:
BusinessObjects Enterprise XI3.1
Data Federator 3.0 SP1
SAP NetWeaver BI 7.01 SP3

The Data Federator Query Server uses an ABAP callback to retrieve data from NetWeaver. In this article you will find the steps on how to create the callback ID in NetWeaver BI and how to configure the NW BI connector in Data Federator Administrator to use this ID. This is one of the steps required for Implementing Data Federator 3.0 With SAP Netweaver BW Connector for Webi Reporting

Registering callback ID in NetWeaver BI

  1. Launch SAP Logon and logon to the SAP system.
  2. Enter "se37" in the transaction textfield and execute it.
  3. You are now in the Function Builder. In the Function Module enter: RSDRI_DF_CONFIGURE. Execute this function. (you can use F8 to execute a function)
  4. In the parameters, specify the following:
    This should be empty. If you leave this option selected (X), rather than creating the callback, you will be verifying if the callback already exists.
    This is the name or ID of the callback. Replace "<HOST>" by the hostname of DF installation.
    Use "_<SID>" as a unique system identifier, if you need differentiate between possibly multiple connections with the same "<HOST>" value.
    When creating a callback this option should be empty. You select this option (X) only if you want to remove an existing callback.
  5. Execute the function module. The result screen will look similar to the one below (where DF_JCO_BX634 was defined as a unique identifier).

    If the registration existed already you will see the message "RFC Destination already exists"

  6. Now you can exit by selecting the System>Logoff menu.

Configuring the connector to use the callbackID in Data Federator Administrator

Once you have registered the callbackID in NetWeaver you have to configure the connector to use the same ID.

  1. Launch Data Federator Query Server Administrator and log on using administrator credentials ( for example sysadmin / sysadmin)
  1. Click on the Administration tab and select "Connector Settings" in the menu on the left.
  2. Select from the Resource list. You will see the properties for this resource
  3. Set the callbackServerprogramID property to the ID you just defined in NetWeaver (I_RFC_DESTINATION), in this example is DF_JCO_BX364
  4. Click OK
  5. You have completed this configuration. This is one of the configuration steps required for [Implementing Data Federator NW BI Connector for Webi Reporting]

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