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To change the cluster name

1)      Log in to Vantgvmwinpb05.
2)      Click Start > All Programs > SAP BusinessObjects BI Platform 4SAP BusinessObjects BI platformCentral Configuration Manager.
3)      Right-click Server Intelligence Agent, and click Stop.

4)      Right-click Server Intelligence Agent, and click Properties.


5)      On the Configuration tab, select the Change Cluster Name to check box.

7)      Type the new cluster name as follows: BI4Win2008Pattern.


8)     Click Apply, and then click OK.

To verify that the cluster name was changed

1)  To start the SIA, in the "Central Configuration Manager" dialog box, right-click Server Intelligence Agent, and click Start.

2) When the "Status" column displays "Running" for Server Intelligence Agent, right-click Server Intelligence Agent, and click Properties.

      The "Server Intelligence Agent Properties" dialog box opens.

2)  On the Configuration tab, verify that  the "CMS System Database Configuration" area indicates the following: CMS belongs to cluster “BI4Win2008Pattern".

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