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Network communication is an important aspect of a functional SAP BusinessObjects BI Platform landscape.  In particular, clients such as the Information Design Tool and Web Intelligence Rich Client need access to several different BI services such as the Central Management Server, File Repository Server, etc.  If there is a firewall between the client and server, this can cause issues with the communication required by the cient.  The Communication Analyzer connects to the Central Management Server, recieves a list of services in the landscape and then tests connectivity to all of these services.  Additional information is provided for troubleshooting purposes such as the IP address that the service is bound to and the decoded Corba IOR stub.

Testing a Single TCP Connection

In this section, you can test the communication to a single IP address or hostname and TCP port.  This is useful if you are unable to connect to the Central Management Server.  Here you can test both the port and request port of the Central Management Server.

  1. Launch the Communication Analyzer by going to Landscape Tools → Communication Analyzer

  2. Enter the hostname or IP address and port, then click Test

  3. The result will appear in a dialog box

Testing Communication to the BI Landscape

  1. To test communication to all servers in the CMS landscape, click the Execute button, then logon to the desired CMS system.

  2. The results are shown in table format.  Refer to the Result column to understand if the communication is OK or if the test Failed.

  3. To save the output to Excel format, click Save.



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