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The MOBIServer warfile needs to be deployed on the web application server before the connections can be configured.

To allow users to directly import mobile server connections to the SAP BI iOS application, you need to update the following file on the Configuration server:


First make a back-up of the file. Set the following connection properties in the file for every connection that you want to make available for importing:

  • DisplayName (mandatory)

<AuthenticationType> can have one of the following values:

  • secEnterprise for Enterprise
  • secLDAP for LDAP
  • secWinAD for Windows AD
  • secSAPR/3 for SAP

<Connection Types> can be set to one of the following values:

  • Set 1 for Enterprise.
  • Set 2 for XXX.
  • Set 3 for YYY.

For example, you can add a connection to the properties file as follows:

connection1.DisplayName=SAMPLE Connection
connection1.BOBJ_MOBILE_AUTH_METHOD: secEnterprise

Importing to Mobile Device

Method 1:

Navigate to Settings/Application Settings/Import existing connections/Import connections from Configuration Server
Fill configuration server URL i.e.: http://<MobileServerUrl>


Method 2:

Generate the SAP BI URL as shown below:
sapbi://addconnection?ConnectionType=BOEConnection&name=[ConnectionName]&server_url=[ServerName/IP:Port]&cms=[ServerName/IP:Port]&authType=[secEnterprise or secLDAP or secWinAD or secSAPR/3]&default=[yes/no]

Once the SAP BI URL is generated, you can share it with users by emailing them. Open theSAP BI URL in the browser on iPad to add the connection to SAP BI.

After performing above steps the connection screen will be populated on iPad with all values pre-filled in it except "Username", "Password" and "Save Password". User has to manually enter these fields.

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