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This content was created to walk you through how to configure connecting your iPad to your SAP BusinessObjects BusinessObjects Enterprise 4.0 (SAP BI4) install.


With an explosion in popularity,  tablet computing has become a hot topic among business leaders, the iPad has emerged as the early leader in this space.  As demand has warranted SAP has been a pioneer in this space. The iPad seems a natural fit to view any data on your company at anytime. The ease of use the iPad offers makes it easy for anyone to get the data they need to make critical business decisions.


The objective of this wiki is to walk you through installing the proper war files to allow to connect your iPad to your SAP BI4 install.  We will also go into detail on some of the cofiguration options that are available and what they mean.

Deploying the war file SP4 and below

A war file is a web archive that contains the needed files for us to connect.  This is included in your BI4 install in your <BO Install>\Mobile 14\server named MobleBIService.war
We are going to copy this file to the <BO_INSTALL>\Tomcat6\WebApps (currently iPad access is only supported on Tomcat, this does not need to be the same server that hosts your other BI applications, it can be seperate but in this example they are all on the same machine)

Paste the war file here and within a few seconds Tomcat will extract it and you will be ready to connect.

Deploying the WAR file SP5 and above

Post SP5 the MobileBIService.war and MOBIServer.war are deployed automatically.  If they are not you can use wdeploy to redeploy them

The above screenshot assume you are using the default Tomcat application server. 
To verify the WAR file has been deployed correctly you can use the follow URL from a desktop browser:
You will get an XML output similar to this:
<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<Result status="success">
<info><version internalVersion="3.0" productVersion=""/></info>
You can use this page to match the version:

Configuring the iPad Application

On the iPad launch the SAP BI Mobile application  which you can download from the App Store.
Here is the initial introduction screen

We are going to click to launch the App, you can swipe through the 5 screens if you desire.
This is the default page you would see, we want to click on the green CONNECT button.
We are going to Create New Connection

Here is what you would enter:

Connection Type: SAP BusinessObjects BI Platform
Name: Prod BI System
Server URL: (You will use the hostname and port of your Tomcat server with the MobileBIService.war)
CMS Name: prodcms:6400
Authentication Type: Enterprise
Default: on or off to save this connection as the default
Access Detail:
User Name: johndoe
Password: Password for this user
Save Password: on or off

You can choose if you would like to connect or not.  You will be prompted for your users password again.

Enter the password and hit connect.

If this is the first time you've run the application and your clientsettings.properies file requires a vault password, you would set that now.  This is a password just for the application only.

You are now connected and should see reports that are listed in the Mobile category.
You can set the options here in the file in <BO_Install\Tomcat6\webapps\MobileBIService\WEB-INF

Here you can set if you want to save passwords and if you want users to be able to store reports on their device.

You are connected, if you do not see any reports it is because they are not in the correct catagory. This can be set in the <BO_Install>\Tomcat6\webapps\MobileBIService\WEB-INF\ file.

You are now ready to use your iPad with your BI 4 environment.

 Here are some additional screen shots from the iPhone client as well





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