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The Connections Analyzer allows you to test all relational and OLAP connections in the BI landscape in batch to confirm that the defined connections are functional.  A report is generated and in case of failure, information about the failure and exception is provided for troubleshooting purposes. 

The Connection Analyzer is also useful to understand the database and driver version used by that connection.  This version data is returned to the report if the connection test is successful.

Testing Relational Connections

When testing relational connections, the BIPST client first retrieves a list of connections from the Central Management Server repository, then it establishes a session with a Connection Server.  It instructs the Connection Server to test each connection (from the BI server) and the results are provided back to the BIPST client where it is recorded into the report output

Testing OLAP Connections

When testing OLAP connections, the BIPST client retrieves a list of OLAP connections from the Central Management Server repository, then it tests the connections to the OLAP database from the BIPST client using local middleware.

Using the Connections Analyzer

  1. Click on Landscape Tools → Connections Analyzer

  2. Choose from the following options

    Number of Simultaneous TestsThis setting controls how many concurrent tests will occur
    Timeout (seconds)This setting controls how long to wait for a result until the test is considered failed
    Choose connection typeSelect SQL for relational database connections and OLAP for OLAP connections

  3. Click Submit to begin the tests.

  4. A report will display the results of the tests.

  5. To understand why the test failed, mouse over the symbol to get details.  Typically this will be an exception containing details provided by the connection server or database middleware.

    If the test is successful, mouse over the symbol to get driver details.

  6. To save the output to HTML format, click File → Save Landscape Analysis.

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