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Version Number  .

.                                             Download Location

CR 2008 RTM

N/A RTM build


















Available on SAP Service Market Place only

SP612.6.0.1596Available on SAP Service Market Place only



For a current AND temporary download of SP 5 please see the CR 2008 reference page

** Note; Service Pack 2, contains all earlier fixes up to and including FP1.5. To install SP 2, you must install SP 1 first. For more information see the blog Topic of the Week - Crystal Reports, Report Application Server, Business Objects Enterprise, post from 7/31/2009. Also, see post from 8/19/2009 regarding installation of CR 2008 SP2 runtime over pre-existing CR 2008 SP 1 runtime. Service Pack 3 is scheduled (not guaranteed) to be released May 2010.

# Note; Service Pack 3 contains all fixes up to and including Fix Pack 2.5. This is a cumulative Service Pack and should update all SPs direcrtly. E.g.; If you are on SP 1, you should not need to install SP 2 and then SP 3. Also, note that you will not be able to install FP 2.6 and higher on machines updated with SP 3. FP 3.1 - expected at end of July will contain all fixes from FP 2.6 up.

For completeness, I should mention that there is a similar blog "Crystal Reports version numbers by Product and Service Pack" written by Brian Bischof. The blog has information for Crystal Reports 11.0 and Crystal Reports 11.5 as well as Crystal Reports 2008 up to Fix pack 1.2.

To find the Crystal Reports version, click Help > About

Update Feb. 10, 2010; A request has been received to add links or information to this wiki regarding what is actually fixed in each FP. A new wiki containig information regarding fixes for CR SDKs for VS .NET and possibly more is planned to be released on line by end of next week.

Update March 8, 2010; A wiki titled Resolved issues for Crystal Reports & InProc RAS SDK for VS .NET has been created.

Update November 2, 2010; For fix pack and service information for CR 9.1 to 12 see the blog Crystal Reports 2008 (and 9.1, XI R1, XI R2) - Version and Download information for Service Packs & Fix Packs

Update May 6, 2011; Service Pack 0, Service Pack 1 and all 1.x Fix packs are no longer available.


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  1. Unknown User (gj5n46n)

    Another useful column in your grid would be release notes that would have a link to the web page that contains the release notes for each release.

  2. Unknown User (cwy90l4)

    Concerning your update "Update March 8, 2010; A wiki titled Resolved issues for Crystal Reports & InProc RAS SDK for VS .NET has been created2": Is that applicable to a plain Crystal Reports 2008 installation (no SDK) as well ?

  3. Unknown User (cwy90l4)

    Could you create another table showing which service pack includes which fix packs?

  4. Yes. this applies to both CRW32.exe and the runtime. Typically, the crpe32.dll will match version of the crw32.exe.

    Re. which FP is in which SP. The sequence is of the columns is by date release. So, SP 2 contains FP 1 to FP 1.5. See the **Note at the bottom of the wiki. Similarly, SP 3, when released, will contain FP 1.6 to FP 2.3 - I believe.

  5. Unknown User (cwy90l4)

    Fix Pack 2.6 is out now plus I noticed that there are Fix Packs 1.9, 1.10 and 1.11 . Are these also included in FP 2.1 ?

    Btw, I just read the ominous "BusinessObjects XI 3.1 FixPack Installation and Deployment Guide" which I could not find on SDN but only via a Google Search. This document of which I have no idea if it really is applicable to Crystal Reports 2008 installations states on page 14 "FixPacks are cumulative".

    Unfortunately this does not make things easier for me. Example question: If I had SP 2 installed and wanted to install Fix Pack 2.6 would I have to install Fix Pack 1.11 as well ?

    I posted the question in the Crystal Reports Design Forum:

  6. Unknown User (cwy90l4)

    Another question: So the fix packs should be installed in the order you specify in your table? Even if that downgrades the version number?

  7. Unknown User (cwy90l4)

    There is another page I recently found that touches Service Packs, Fix Packs and Version Numbers:

  8. Unknown User (v4fkpgk)

    SP1 is not available anymore.


    For my work, i recently bought CR2008. It came on CD with SP0 and now i try to install all the service packs. But that is only possible by starting from SP1. Can anyone tell me where i can find SP1 or the complete CR2008 with all the SP's already in it.

  9. Former Member

    Agree with rderooij. Where is the SP1 installer? All official sources are broken links. I need to upgrade to SP3 from SP0, but SP1 is required.

  10. Unknown User (99p5z68f)

    Why am I being asked for a username and password to download service packs from the above links?  I have tried my login info but it wont accept them.  Please help, I desperately need CR 2008 SP1, I have SP2 and SP3 but I can not install either without SP1 first!!!  Thanks 

  11. I have been trying to load the latest fp(3.2) without success.  I keep getting the error "Some installation files are corrupt.  Please download a fresh copy and retry the installation".  I have tried to download at least 5 times with this same error.  Is there something else I should have done? 

    Never mind it finally worked. 

    Thanks RA

  12. Unknown User (pybj1jn)

    Update May 6, 2011; Service Pack 0, Service Pack 1 and all 1.x Fix packs are no longer available.

    Are you freaking kidding me?  Why on God's planet would you make SP1 a pre-req for SP2 and then PULL SP1!  How are those of us on RTM and SP0 supposed to get to SP3?  This is about the dummest thing I've seen a software company do in my 25+ years in this business. 

  13. A reply to Arcom. You can download CR 2008 from here;

    Make sure you back up your keycode 1st, uninstall your current CR 2008 and install the above.

    BTW.; if you need more help, please post your queries to the SAP Crystal Reports forums

  14. Unknown User (qjp1nmq)

    were is CR2008 sp1 ??? Please help ! , I do not recommend this product for any one trying to start using..Please look for another one.... too many issues  on the version.... runtime and deployment...

  15. Former Member

    So... how is one supposed to go from the CD version to SP3? SP3 requires SP2... which requires SP1... which requires SP0. SP0 and SP1 have been removed.

    Who is the Genius that concocted this?

  16. Former Member