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Welcome to the Crystal Reports 2008 e-Book. Here you will find a collection of documents, interviews, and demonstrations pertaining to Crystal Reports 2008.

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    We have Crystal Report XI and BuisnessObject Enterprise

    We tried to move a to a Virtual Machine from a server the product and ran into an issue

    The issue that we ran into is that once we have everything or what we thought was everything at the Virtual Machine(VM) Location, we had a user create and run a report and then saved it to the Input File Repository. There were issues where an IP address was not change and users could not reach behind the firewall to run their reports from a particular location. So we brought down the VM and restored the old server. The issues that now exist are: Cannot not save a report to the Input File Repository. We also cannot start several of the application services in the Central Configuration Management Server. We changed all of the addresses back to the old server and when we try to start the services they turn back red.

    I found an Crystal Report  Note and Resolution. we are looking for other recommnedationsResolution
    To resolve this do the following:
    Click Start > Programs > Crystal Enterprise > Crystal Configuration Manager for Crystal Enterprise
    or click Start > Programs > BusinessObjects XI Release 2 > BusinessObjects
    Enterprise > Central Configuration Manager for BusinessObjects Enterprise.
    Select the Input File Repository Server and click the Start button.
    Click the Enable/Disable Servers button, select the Input.<servername> File Repository Server, and click OK.