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Just starting out with Crystal Reports for Eclipse? Check out the following content to get a good understanding of what Crystal Reports for Eclipse has to offer:

 1. Crystal Reports for Eclipse Discussion - a short video where Rob Horne, Business Objects' Developer Evangelist, and Sean Johnson, Product Manager for Crystal Reports for Eclipse, discuss the benefits developers will experience when using Crystal Reports for Eclipse

 2. Crystal Reports for Eclipse Overview Demo - this video, around 40 minutes long, demonstrates a number of the key features available with the Crystal Reports for Eclipse product. It walks the user through the process of creating a new web application, adding a simple report and displaying it in a JSP page

 3. Getting Started Guide - This PDF, is very similar to the Overview Demo, just in written form. The user can follow this document and walk through the process of designing a new report and then adding it to a JSP page in a web application.

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