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With the increasing number of versions of Crystal Reports and Visual Studio .NET, there is some confusion on which Crystal Reports runtime needs to be distributed with which version of  Visual Studio .NET (VS .NET). In this article, I want to clarify what MSM or MSI files belong to which version of Crystal Reports and which of these will work on VS .NET 2002, 2003, 2005 and 2008. I have also added supported Operating System field as well as supported framework for each version of Crystal Reports. As each version of Crystal Reports has its' own specific runtime which must be correctly deployed, it is critical that the deployed runtime be in agreement with the Crystal Reports assemblies for Visual Studio .NET referenced in your project. Also, note that the CR.NET component relies on COM Interop for the backend report processing engine. It is therefore imperative that all runtime deployments are done by use of the MSM or MSI files. XCopy deployments are not supported, nor will they work. The following matrix is a summary of runtime information for Crystal Reports from Version 9.1 for VS .NET 2002 to version 2008.

Please note; any comments are very appreciated. However support queries or questions regarding details of deployment should be submitted to the "NET Development - Crystal Reports" forum


Crystal Reports Version

Assembly Version

MSM & MSI Files

URL or Hard Drive Location

Supported OS


CR 9.1 (VS .NET 2002)


Database_Access.msm,Database_Access_enu.msm, Managed.msm, Regwiz.msm


WIN XP, WIN 2000, WIN 2003








CR 9.1 (VS .NET 2003)


Crystal_Database_Access2003.msm, Crystal_Database_Access2003_enu.msm, Crystal_Managed2003.msm, Crystal_regwiz2003.msm


WIN XP, WIN 2000, WIN 2003








Crystal Reports 9.2.x


Reportengine.msm, Crnetruntime.msm, Mapping.msm, License.msm,


WIN XP, WIN 2000, WIN 2003






WIN XP, WIN 2000, WIN 2003








Crystal Reports 10.0.x


CrystalReports10_NET_EmbeddedReporting.msm, CrystalReports10_NET_RemoteReporting.msm, CrystalReports10_NET_WebServiceReporting.msm


Win XP, WIN 2000, WIN 2003






Win XP, WIN 2000, WIN 2003








CR 10.2 (VS .NET 2005)


CRRedist2005_IA64.msi (64 bit Itanium) #

C:\Program Files\Microsoft Visual Studio 8\Crystal Reports\CRRedist\IA64

WIN XP, WIN 2000, WIN 2003 




CRRedist2005_X64.msi (64 bit Intel) #

C:\Program Files\Microsoft Visual Studio 8\Crystal Reports\CRRedist\X64

WIN XP, WIN 2000, WIN 2003,




CRRedist2005_x86.msi (BootStrapper) #

C:\Program Files\Microsoft Visual Studio 8\sdk\v2.0\Bootstrapper\Packages\Crystal Reports

WIN XP, WIN 2000, WIN 2003






WIN XP, WIN 2000, WIN 2003,




CRRedist2005_x86.msi #

c:\program files\microsoft visual studio 8\sdk\v2.0\bootstrapper\packages\crystal reports

WIN XP, WIN 2000, WIN 2003



WIN XP, WIN 2000, WIN 2003



WIN XP, WIN 2000, WIN 2003








CR 10.5 (VS .NET 2008)


CRRedist2008_ia64.msi (64 bit Itanium)
CRRedist2008_x64.msi (64 bit Intel)
CRRedist2008_x86.msi (BootStrapper)



WIN XP, WIN 2003, WIN 2008, WIN Vista, WIN 7

2.0, 3.5












WIN XP, WIN 2000, WIN 2003








CR XI R2 (SP 6)


CrystalReports11_5_NET.msm (.NET 2003)
CrystalReports11_5_NET_2005.msm (.NET 2005)

Download Link

WIN XP, WIN 2000, WIN 2003, WIN Vista, WIN 7

1.1, 2.0



CrystalReports11_5_NET.msi (.NET 2003)
CrystalReports11_5_NET_2005.msi (.NET 2005)

Download Link

WIN XP, WIN 2000, WIN 2003, WIN Vista, WIN 7

1.1, 2.0



CrystalRedist115_X86.msi (BootStrapper)

c:\program files\microsoft visual studio 8\sdk\v2.0\bootstrapper\packages\crystal reports

WIN XP, WIN 2000, WIN 2003, WIN Vista, WIN 7

1.1, 2.0







CR 2008 (SP 7)

12.0.1100.0 (framework 1.1), 12.0.2000.0 (framework 2.0, 3.5)


Available from SAP Service Market Place only

WIN XP, WIN 2003, WIN 2008, WIN Vista, WIN 7, WIN 2012

1.1, 2.0, 3.0, 3.5










Download Links

WIN 2003, WIN 2008, WIN Vista, WIN 7, WIN 8 / 8.1, WIN 2010, WIN 2012^

2.0, 3.0, 3.5, 4.0, 4.5







CR 2011 SP 5+




WIN 3.1, WIN 2003, WIN 2008, WIN Vista, WIN 7, WIN 8.x, WIN 2012


CR 2013 SP 3+

14.1.xNA*                     NA

WIN 2008, WIN 7, WIn 8.x, WIN 2012


 + For more information see From Crystal Reports 2008 to SAP Crystal Reports 2011 or SAP Crystal Reports for Enterprise

* Crystal reports 2011 does  not install any SDK. For SDK for Visual Studio .NET see SAP Crystal Reports, developer version for Microsoft Visual Studio

^ SAP Crystal Reports 2008 SP7 for Windows - Supported Platforms

For Java SDK see SAP Crystal Reports, Version For Eclipse Download


For most recent downloads, see the Business Objects Support Software Downloads  page. 

#Service Pack 1 for CR 10.2 MSI files  are not available for download. These files are updated on the development computer once the Service Pack 1 for CR 10.2 is applied. SP 1 is available for download at the following link:

The following section contains links to more detailed information regarding runtime deployment for each version of Crystal Reports.

Crystal Reports 9.1:

Crystal Reports 9.2:

Integrated into Visual Studio .NET IDE

Crystal Reports 10.2:

Crystal Reports 10.5:

Crystal Reports XI release 1:
Navigate to: Crystal Reports .NET SDK -> .NET Developer Guide and API Reference -> Deployment -> Deployment in Crystal Reports XI

Crystal Reports XI release 2:

Navigate to: Crystal Reports .NET SDK -> .NET Developer Guide and API Reference -> Deployment -> Deployment in Crystal Reports XI R2

Crystal Reports 2008, Service Packs. See the following Wiki:

CRVS2010; for more information see the blog Crystal Reports for Visual Studio 2010 Production Release Now Available. Note that 64 bit runtime is only available as an MSI. There is no 64 bit MSM file available.


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  1. Guest

    The download link for CR9.2 does not work, and when it does, I keep getting a corrupt file message.

  2. Jaqdip, not sure why the link(s) don't work for you. They work fine for me from a number of computers. In any case, these are the links:

    see if pasting them in your browser helps. Another way of getting to the msm and msi files is to go to the downloads page:

    If you have more questions, post them to the CR for .NET support forum:

  3. Are there any equivalent MSIs for the components used by .NET apps for BOE-XI (R2) integration..?

    We need to push the ActiveX PrintControl out to our users because they don't have install rights on their desktops.

     Is there an MSI for that ActiveX PrintControl...?

  4. Guest

    This is the page I was looking for but when I download the MSI for 9.x it asks for my registration key.  My predecessor used Visual Studio 2003 to develop a report that runs on our website.  It broke after a recent server reboot and I'm just trying to shotgun it by installing a full runtime.  Why do I need a key for runtime?  I used the key found in VS2003 Help About next to the Crystal Reports reference but it will not accept it.  Any suggestions?

  5. Guest

       I have an application designed in .net 2005  along with CR XI R2 .  It works fine in my development machine  and production server ( windows 2003 + IIS 6) but  when I install the  same application in  another production server (windows server 2008   + IIS 7), my crystal reports are not coming properly.The images in Report/Page header is not being displayed. In windows/ temp folder i can see that image but it is not been rendered in the report. once a report is generated ( without the images ) the IIS working process crashes and so i need to reset the IIS every time. Any suggestions??  Kindly suggest the user rights to be given to  windows/ temp folder OR any other folders.

  6. Guest

    I can't believe SAP has expired my VS2005 product key for Crystal Reports...This is the kind of action that makes people go develop open source products.

  7. Guest

    I've just downloaded the Crysatl 2008 SP1 merge modules ( again in hopes there would be documentation included in file, but there is not.

    I am looking for a detailed list of all the pre-requisites Crystal 2008 SP1 requires for a runtime machine.  I have found the document (, but I do not know if this is for a development machine or a runtime machine or both.  And, I am not sure how detailed it is.  For example, it lists Microsoft .NET Framework .NET 2.0, but does not list if Service Pack 1 for Microsoft .NET Framework is required.  Does this mean that just the original .NET 2.0 framework (without the service pack) is required for Crystal 2008 SP1?

    Please let me know.  Thanks.

  8. Guest

    This page seems inaccurate and fairly useless. Is this just how to build with VS .NET 2002, or is it for VS .NET 2002 to VS .NET 2008? Both would be incorrect.

    How about info on the C2008 Merged Modules, and why they require the C Runtime from VS .NET 2005? How do you successful compile a VS .NET 2008 project with CR2008, SP1? Is VS .NET 2008 no longer supported? Was it at some time supported?

  9. Please help.  I recently upgraded my computer and re-installed my software.  But for some reason I cannot get VS2008 to find the Crystal Decisions V12XXXX that I had previously been using.  We are converting our 8.5 reports to Crystal 2008 and the 10.5 doesn't display the parameter fields as nicely as the V12 does.  When I try to download the VS2008 Crystal 2008 download, I get an error message - Can't install on system with Crystal Report 2008?? Any help would be appreciated.

  10. I recommend that queries requiring furher help be posted to the .NET Development - Crystal Reports forum:


  11. Guest

    Thank you for the excellent resource.

  12. Guest

    I'm upgrading from XI to the sp2 and getting reinstallation stuff when I reboot or try to open a report, or the program itself.  Also a black Java screen comes up all the time, very frustrated.

  13. Please post issues to the forums: 

    Also, please do read the rules of engagement for the forums:

    Doing as per the above will lead to quicker resolution of your issue.


  14. Guest

    Výborný prehľad, dobra práca, pomohli ste mi. Vo verziách, Hotfixoch, service packoch uz bol značný chaos. Fakt vďaka.

  15. Guest

    nice post, really helpful!!

  16. Guest

    Please, update VS2010 section on this page

    occording to too.


  17. Former Member

    Where can I download CrystalRedist115_X86.msi? It's listed above related to crystal reports xi r2 as a component of visual studio 8 but I require it with vs 2003 which does not include this version.  Thanks 

      1. Former Member

        Thanks. the redistributable CrystalRedist115_X86.msi is not included in the installs on that blog?