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Important Issues

Known Issue in Lumira Designer Addon:

Issues with Designer documents, post-upgrade from 1.6x Design studio documents to 2.x Designer.

2752581 - Issues with Designer documents, post upgrade from 1.6x Design studio documents to 2.x Designer.



  • Insert / Add chart feature is not working from Discovery
  • Formatting of the designer chart is different, the color scheme is not applied. 
  • Data Labels are missing. 
  • A column chart is displayed as a Stacked bar chart.  

Solution: Please refer to the SAP Note - 2752581 for the solution. There is also code fix in-pipeline. We will update this section once it is available

Known Issue in Lumira Addon:

In case the platform session close occurs this fix is vital:

2575775 - Sessions or RFC Connections not cleaned up on timeout by Lumira Server


Not in 2.1 SP P 1 yet: timeout code in Lumira server not active

This has the effect that the consumption of memory on BIP as well as on your data source system (BW e.g.) is too high. It might have the effect that you reach the limit of JCO connection to BW.


Potential Symptoms (not verfied yet):

Connection parameters: TYPE=B DEST=
ERROR max no of 202 conversations exceeded


We will announce patch 2.1 SP 1 Patch 2 soon in the official release note 2465894. Please wait for the update of the note and the announcement of the release date.

Known issue: this JCO error log leads to a session leak in Lumira addon

Search for the bold keywords in your Lumira Server traces:, CM_NO_DATA_RECEIVED...

In case you find this error in the Lumira Server log this will defnitely lead to hanging BW and Hana sessions which will not be destroyed at all: (102) JCO_ERROR_COMMUNICATION: connection closed without message (CM_NO_DATA_RECEIVED) (remote system is [E2A|a096e2aci|10])

Caused by: RfcException raised by system [E2A|a096e2aci|10]:
message: connection closed without message (CM_NO_DATA_RECEIVED)

return code: RFC_CLOSED (6)
error group: 102
... 81 more
Caused by: connection closed without message (CM_NO_DATA_RECEIVED)
Caused by:
message: connection closed without message (CM_NO_DATA_RECEIVED)

S. also Session Troubelshooting

The sessions look like this in BW SM04: The memory consumption is > 750 byte and the Application Info contains BICS_PROV_CLOSE. This is an indicator but not a proof as this can also occur in valid scenarios.



We will announce patch 2.1 SP 1 Patch 2 soon in the official release note 2465894. Please wait for the update of the note and the announcement of the release date.

Adapted from the SAP Note 1894504 - Design Studio - Support Note for BI Platform Add-On


When experiencing issues with SAP BusinessObjects Design Studio running on SAP BusinessObjects Business Intelligence platform 4.x, you should take note of the following:
Prerequisite reading: The Design Studio Support for Client section
Issues with DSL or Universes, read The Design Studio and Data Semantic Layer (DSL) section

Rules to update your platform / addon you can find in  this blog.

Basic Checks

(tick)Check whether you have installed the newest Design Studio release according to SAP Note 1760372.

If (a) you get error message "Unable to find servers in CMS <host>:6400 and cluster <host>:6400 with kind pjs and service AnalysisApplicationDesignService. All such servers could be down or disabled by the administrator. (FWM 01014)", or (b) there is no adaptive processing server (APS), or (c) the Analysis Application Service was not added to any APS, apply the following steps:
1. Stop the APS by choosing "Stop Server" in the context menu
2. Choose "Select Services" in the context menu
3. Select the "Analysis Application Service" in the available services list and add it to services list of this APS
4. Start the APS again
In case of a missing APS
1. Choose New/New Server in the context menu of Service Categories
2. Choose category "Analysis Services" and select service "Analysis Application Service"
3. Start the server
Note: Design Studio installer adds its service only to the default APS. In case this default APS was deleted or the deployment template was changed (by using System Configuration Wizard in 4.1), then the service has to be added manually.

(tick) Read the Administrator Guide: SAP BusinessObjects Design Studio, especially the configuration and troubleshooting sections.
(tick)After making any changes to the configuration ensure that you have restarted the Adaptive Processing Server (APS) hosting the Analysis Applications service.
(tick)Starting an Analysis application from designer via "Execute on BI Platform" leads to "Error: Resource not found" (text of browser tab). Start the BI Launchpad and start the application from there. In case it cannot be started then please verify that your current user or its user group has at least View access for the application "Design Studio Runtime". [NEW]
(tick) OLAP connections are not shown in the Designer In case the info provider is a Multiprovider you need to install the Designer coming with Design Studio 1.1.
(tick)After transport of an Analysis application from a source to a target sytem the data sources show "Could not instantiate ..." errors. OLAP connections on source and target system must be absolutely identical, i.e. their CUIDs must be the same. It is not  sufficient to have the same names only. Better transport at first all relevant OLAP connections via promotion management from source to target system. Then transport the Analysis applications. In the CMC you can compare the CUIDs of a connections in the properties dialog of an OLAP connection.
(tick)In case you face a text like "???" in the context menu of an Analysis application in the BI launch pad or the Designer shows an error in the "Open Application" dialog "Failed to query application in folder with CUID CQESAAAA9FZ...", then the Design Studio Web application is not deployed to the Web server.
In case the web server is installed on a different box than the application server (BOE), you need to run the Design Studio Addon installer first on the web server PC and then use WDeploy to deploy all Web applications (BOE, dwsbobje, ...). In case the web server is on the same machine as the BOE it is sufficient to run WDeploy because the initial Design Studio Addon Setup should have installed the web applications already.
(tick)Verify that the APS has the status "running" and "enabled".
(tick) In case of errors instantiating data sources, check your etc/services file on the server or desktop (local mode). Hints in the trace file are: service '?' Connect to message server host failed#
(tick) In case of SSO related errors run the test mentioned in SAP Note 1767629 using a Webi or CR4E document.  The purpose of running through this is to verify the STS configuration; by using a newly created Enterprise user and a fresh SAP alias we eliminate the possibility of secondary (or cached) credentials being used to pull data. Experts can be reached via component BI-BIP-AUT. Futher diagnosis is stated in SSO configuration section. 

For SSO Configuration:

        a)  If the BI Platform is connecting to multiple backend BW systems and SSO is to be used on each of these systems - make sure that the certificate is imported into each BW system.

        b)  The Design Studio login screen does not allow you to specify the system name or client number of the backend BW system - It will connect to the default BW system, as set up through CMC.

        c)   In the case where there are multiple backend BW datasources - please explicitly point the DS login screen at a specific backend system you need to prefix the username with <SYSTEMID>~CLIENTNO/<username>.

Known Issues:


DynaTrace / ruxitagentjs

Symptom: Javascript errors in the browser console like the one below which contain code from ruxitagentjs

bi_phx.js?version=20190531120900:47 Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property 'start' of undefined at VM276 bi_phx.js:47
at exec (VM578 sap.viz.js:93)
at requireByContext (VM578 sap.viz.js:119)
at W (ruxitagentjs_ICA2SVd…191004125156.js:261)
at sapbi_initBiFramework (VM276 bi_phx.js:46)

The dyntrace feature is injecting its own code into SAP Lumira code and partially replacing our code (in particular the require method) with its own implementation. This leads at least in CVOM charts (this is the only known symtpom so far in BI launchpad not via OpenDocument) to the above java script error.

SAP does not test and thus not support code injections into its own javascript code. Therefore DynaTrace is not supported with Lumira.

How to detect whether dynaTrace is running:

Here is a link how this can be easily configured on Amazon Web Services



In case of problems with multiple browser tabs of Design Studio applications, please perform the following test: 1. Get an Open Document URL for a Design Studio application from BI Launchpad context menu 2. Disable or bypass Single Sign On 3. Start the OpenDoc URL in browser tab #1 4. Login manually with user/password - if no login screen comes, either SSO is still working or you have to clear all browser cookies first. 5. Open browser tab #2 6. Start the same Open URL in this tab as well 7. If the login comes up again even though the first tab is logged in, then this note 2157366 solves this issue as well. You must update to: 4.1 SP4 Patch 10 and 4.1 SP5 Patch 6, and 4.1 SP6 RTM


If Design Studio 1.1 applications deployed on the BIP do not run in IE, then please read note 1866425.


If you are unable to log on to your BI Platform because the "Authentication" dropdown box on the logon dialog in SAP Design Studio is disabled, then please apply note 1975475.


If you face continues resizing on the IPad, please read note 1786081 for more details.


If the Analysis application's height is too small and shows vertical scrollbars instead, then please update your BIP to at least SP 05 patch 1.


In case the scrollbars of an error/dump HTML document were disabled, you can use this trick in IE HTML dom viewer (F12). Find the topmost DIV with class outerGlasspaneZen. Look on the Attributes page at its width (css) attribute and set its value from 100% to 0%. Now you can use the scrollbars again.


Starting Analysis applications in BI Launchpad or in the Designer via "Execute on BI Platform" leads to invalid URLs like http://***** or http://%2A%2A%2A%2A%2A%2A%2A/. This issue will be fixed with BI Platform service pack 06.

WORKAROUND: change the OpenDocument URL in CMC (Choose Applications => Open Document => Context menu "Process Settings". In case this URL already looks corrupted (http://*****) please enter the URL of the following format and replace the 2 variables with the correct values:
In case this URL looks correct you must at least change 1 char and then press OK otherwise the OK button has no effect. In a 2nd step open the settings again and undo
the previous change. Now you can test with the Designer and the "Execute on BI Platform" menu  item.


Wrong host/port/URL in browser: Starting Analysis applications in Designer via "Launch on BI platform" toolbar button leads to a wrong host and/or port in the browser's URL. In case this URL differs from the URL configured in the Open Document application, then please apply the same steps explained above. (change open document URL and undo again) to force a propagation of the current URL to all Design Studio applications.


After installation of the BI Platform 4.0 SP 04 patch 3 or patch 4, the CMS crashes e.g. after connections to a message server using a logon group: please apply note 1765690. Please check in the CMC under autentication => SAP. On the "Entitelment Systems" tab check ALL (!) systems. They must not be configured as "Load Balancing" but as "Application host" instead.

    (tick)In case OLAP connections and other data sources are not appearing in Design Studio: this can happen if your OLAP connection directly points to a BW infoprovider. Letting it point to a BW query or a BW query view will not cause problems. This problem will be fixed in the 1.1 release.
    (tick)SUP not supported (yet) Please refer to section "3.6.6 Limitation of the SUP environment" in Mobile BI admin guide for details on the current limitations:


The scripting command OpenInNewWindow does not open in a new Window with current BIP mobile client versions. This will come with a future release of Mobi.
The navigation will be done inplace instead.

    (tick) "ZEN studio reports not opening from BI-Inbox" is a known issue.


In case of BIAL Script validation errors please read note 2079054. 
This issue will get fixed in next BIP release.



After successfully installing SAP Design Studio for BI platform 1.6 unable to see application in BI Launchpad.
This issue is occurring because BIP Addon is not installed correctly.

To resolve this issue, please check the following points:

  •   Uninstall the BIP Add-on  
  •   Restart the BIP server
  •   Go to CMC  
  •   Go  to menu Servers > Service Categories > Core  Services
  •   Stop all services, but not CMS(Central Management Service), InputFileRepository and OutputFileRepository.  
  •   install the Add-on again and check if AAS is being added to the APS and Design Studio Runtime is in Applications.

If the problem persists, can you please check if your Design Studio AddOn installation on BI Platform is Ok.
If the problem still persists, then please consider the following points:

  • To develop Design Studio applications using BI Platform as the repository and data source, you must have the developers' users assigned to the "Design Studio Administrators" user group. More details on BIP Admin Guide for Design Studio (
  • Of course, you must connect your Design Studio client to BIP, using the so called BIP Mode. Once in this mode, the applications will be saved on the platform, on a folder you determine (the default is Favorites) and  should be available under "Documents" tab in BI Launchpad.



BI Platform 4.2 SP03 environment has an existing SAP Design Studio 1.6 SP00 for BI Platform 4.2 installed.Then upgraded SAP Design Studio to SAP Design Studio 1.6 SP03 for BI Platform 4.2 update.SAP Design Studio 1.6 SP03 for BI Platform 4.2 is installed successfully.When checking the patch level version in Control Panel, it is still showing “SAP BusinessObjects Design Studio 1.6 for BI Platform 4.2", this is the same as after when one installed SP00.SP03 is expected to be displayed in the Control Panel.
This is a known issue by our installation (installer maker) team. To get a reliable information you should go to the installation folder on BIP server and get the inventory.txt file. It will reflect the exact version your BI Platform has.



The error message about the following  occurs while trying to create a calculation measure in SAP Design Studio:
 "Unhandled event loop exception"
This issue is occurring because the runtime (simple) calculation is not supported for Universe data sources as per the Application Designer Guide   (  page 32.



When users try to accessing Universe query from Design Studio it gives error:
 "Problems while accessing data.
 Could not find any data to display.This might be due to the current selection of variable or filter values"

If the same user try to pull Universe query from webi it is possible to see the data.The universe connection is done using ODBC.The reason for this issue is because Design Studio can only work with relational Universes.See Chapter 5.1.4 in the Admin Guide (

Additional Information:

Design studio addon version can be checked in the "inventory.txt" file under "InstallData" directory.

e.g. SAP BusinessObjects Design Studio 1.1 for BI Platform 4.0 (

Here "" would stand for Design studio add on 1.1 SP2 Patch unknown build 142

Note: the 3rd number is not the patch number! [NEW]

How to configure Tomcat to use gzip compression:

It is recommended that you run with compression. Within the \tomcat\conf\server.xml file, you should add the following parameters after your connector port details:
<Connector port= "xxxx" protocol="HTTP/x.x connectionTimeout= "xxxxx" redirectPort= "XXXX" compression="on" compressableMimeType="text/html, text/xml, text/plain, text/css, text/javascript, text/json, application/x-javascript, application/javascript,application/json" compressionMinSize= "300"/>

How use Design studio BI platform applications on a NetWeaver server:

Please read the chapter "SAP NetWeaver Technology Platform" in the SAP BusinessObjects Business Intelligence platform "Web Application Deployment Guide".

In case of Javascript errors please apply note 2186334.

Transfrormation of bookmarks

How to install Design studio add-on in a Distributed Landscape:

Please follow the steps provided in the article -

Support ticket: If you still have issues with Design Studio and consider opening a support ticket, attach the following information:

    • Detailed steps to reproduce the problem.
    • Log files of the Adaptive Processing Server (APS) hosting the Analysis Applications service. See BI Platform Administrator Guide, chapter Managing and Configuring Logs.
    • Log files of the webserver (e.g. Apache Tomcat). See BI Platform Administrator Guide, chapter Managing and Configuring Logs:
    • Screenshot of the used OLAP connection's configuration page.


E2E (end-to-end) Trace 

Logs help often to solve addon or plattform related issues. The best way to create a log if a scenario is the end-to-end (E2E) trace which can be even created in a productive scenario with a minimum of extra load as it only affects one session not all users.

The most important description how to create the trace is well explained in this KBA:

1861180 - Collecting an end to end trace in BI Platform 4.x - customer instructions and best practice [Video]
Some checks to make sure that files contain enough information:

  • The BusinessTransaction.xml contains " traceflags="0D9F". This is an indicator that the trace level was High for all servers involved (automatically triggered by the IE plugin)
  • Grepping over all GLF files for the correlation ID (from the XML)
    <BusinessTransaction name="MyBusinessTransaction" time="06.08.2019 05:29:24.679 UTC" id="88E9FE5F72A51EE9AE8164C6DDE1F48D">
    It must show a large number of hits on the webtier, most on LumiraServer and many on CMS.

  • In case you observe HTTP error codes in the scenario e.g. a 500 error you can spot in the BusinessTransaction.xml :



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