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When a user logs on to the BI Platform the Enterprise Session is created. These Sessions are visible in the Central Management Console Sessions tab.

This Enterprise Session consumes one user license on the system.

Enterprise Session is the server side user session, which can be shared accross multiple clients/browser instances for a user's login.

When a Design Studio application is executed, using BI Launhpad for example, a Design Studio session is created, and mapped to the Enterprise session.

If several applications are execute within the same user login session, each execution opens a new browser tab. When a Design Studio application is opened in a browser tab, each browser tab is identified by an External System Identifier (ESID).

With multiple applications open, each Enterprise Session maps to a Design Studio server side session, which maps to a set of ESIDs , one per browser tab.

When the browser tab is closed by the user, following use of the application, a USER_ABORT message is sent containing the ESID.

For example: sap-sessioncmd=USR_ABORT&sap-ext-sid=05407d3d84124deab4f9c890dd7ab6c0

This triggers a clean teardown of the application's runtime resources. 

However if the user leaves the browser tab open indefinitely the application log off isnt triggered. The session monitoring process in the Design Studio runtime, monitors the session for user activity. If no user activity occurs within 30 minutes, session cleanup code executes on the server side.

In Design Studio 1.6, the 'idle session timeout' is hardcoded in the application to 30 minutes.
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