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Many Business Objects products such as Voyager, Web Intelligence and Crystal Reports have a data driver that consumes ODBO data sources. ODBO (OLE DB for OLAP) is a standard OLAP data access interface implemented by OLAP servers such as Microsoft Analysis Services. By default the only ODBO data sources available in Business Objects products are the ones officially supported. The data drivers and other parts of the product contain explicit lists of supported ODBO providers which filter the list of ODBO providers reported by the Windows operating system. It is possible to override this list so as to allow Business Objects products to access unsupported ODBO data sources. This document describes how to do this for applicable products in the XI R2 and XI 3.0 and XI 3.1 releases.

What it means to use an unsupported OLAP provider

Only OLAP providers that appear in the supported platforms document for a particular product have undergone testing, will be supported by the technical support team and will have defects fixed. Providers which do not appear in the supported platforms document, such as those you would like to add by following the instuctions in this document, are unsupported and therefore used at your own risk.

This means that if you experience problems you will not be able to get help through your normal support channels unless you experience the same problems against one of the supported OLAP providers.


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