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Product versions:
Business Objects Enteprise XI 3.1

Before you start digging...

... have a look at this : Known issues and common problems with Federation XI 3.1


replication job log file

By default Federation creates a log file for each replication job that can be viewed from the CMC.

The log file is also accessible from the logging folder and named replicationlog_*.xml
Note : in XI 3.1 RTM, only successful instances offer this from the CMC, search for the log file from the logging folder for failed instances

Adaptive Job Server

If the replication log file and the replication job's history status page don't provide enough information to diagnose the problem, start by enabling tracing on the AJS. It will provide more details including stack traces for exceptions, but is limited to the processing that happens on the destination site.

To enable Tracing on the Adaptive Job Server:
Add "-trace" to the Adaptive Job Server's command line.

The tracing information will be placed in the Adaptive Job Server's Child's trace log. By default the log goes to the BOE logging directory:
Windows: <Install Directory>\Business Objects\BusinessObjects Enterprise12.0\Logging

Unix: <Install Diretory>/bobje/logging/

Note: If you change the logging directory in the Adaptive Job Server's properties, the location will change.

Federation Web Service

To enable Tracing on Tomcat:
Step 1) Modify inside dswsbobje/WEB-INF/classes
Step 2) Change Trace=0 to Trace=1
Step 3) Create a and place it in dswsbobje/WEB-INF/classes/META-INF/BusinessObjects.Logging/log4j/

Here is a simple example:, BO1, BO1

# rolling file appender

# trace format
log4j.appender.BO1.layout.ConversionPattern=%d [%t] %-5p %c{10} (%x) %5r - %m%n

For other Java Application Servers:
Need to modify and add the is in the appropriate place, please refer to your Java Application Server's documentation.

Persisting BIAR Files

Federation compress objects into BIAR files when sending objects between the Origin and the Destination. Once the Replication Job completes the BIAR files are deleted. In some circumstances it may be helpful to keep the BIAR files around for troubleshooting purposes. To do this add the "Dbobj.federation.ArchiveBackupPath=<directory>" to the Adaptive Job Server's -javaArgs command line. The BIAR files will be placed in the specified location.

Note: The BIAR files should not be imported using Import Wizard, BIAR Engine Command Line Tool, BIAR Engine API or any other import tool aside from Federation. This is because any other tool will not be able to apply Federation specific logic.

Note: It is recommended that customers do not enable the BIAR file persisting without instruction from a BOE representative.

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