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Webinars - Recordings


Past Webinar Recordings

Date Presenter


 Feature Engineering with SAP Predictive Analytics (unedited recording | pdf)Dec 14  MD 
 What's New with SAP Predictive Analytics 3.3 (recording | pdf)Nov 09RM , MD , OC , VV
 Improving Your Top Line with Data Driven Insights, Powered by SAP Predictive Service (recording | pdf)Oct 5YLB
 SAP Predictive Service (recording | pdf)Sep 14RM, TB
 BW and BPC in HANA with SAP Predictive Analytics (recording | pdf)Aug 03JF, NR
 Debts in Machine Learning Implementations (recording)July 13PP
 What is New with Predictive Analytics 3.2 (recording | pdf)June 29RM, MD, PM, VV
 Customer Spotlight (Fibria): Gaining Productivity and Profitability with Predictive Analytics (recording | pdf)May 18N/A
 Increasing Accuracy of Fraud Alerts with SAP Predictive Analytics and SAP Fraud Management (recording | pdf)May 11OC

Enriching Business Data with Social Insights for Better Predictive Models (recording | pdf)

Apr 20BL
 Customer Spotlight: HarrisLOGIC and EV Technologies (recording | pdf) Mar 23N/A
 Industry Use-Cases: Predictive Analytics in Action (recording pdf)Feb 23 AF

Massively Automate your Predictive Models with Predictive Factory (recording | pdf  

Jan 26VV



Operationalization of Expert streams in Predictive Factory  (recording)

Dec 15JR

What's New with SAP BusinessObjects Predictive Analytics 3.1 (recording)

Nov 17RM

R Extensions in SAP BusinessObjects Predictive Analytics - (recording)

Oct 27PP

Unsupervised vs Supervised Clustering (recording)

Sep 29



Prepare Data for Your Predictive Models Using SAP BusinessObjects Predictive Analytics-Data Manager (recording)

Set 01



Ensemble Modelling - A Predictive Modelling Technique (recording)

Jun 07



Predictive Features in SAP BusinessObjects Cloud (recording)

Jun 22



Dynamic Forecasting with SAP Predictive Analytics and SAP BPC ( recording )

Apr 19



SAP Predictive on Big Data Platforms using Native Spark Modelling ( recording )

Mar 31



SAP Predictive: Leverage Domain Expertise with R Extensions ( recording )

Feb 18



SAP Predictive: Quickly Preparing Data for Predictive Modeling (recording)

Feb 18



New in SAP Predictive Analytics 2.4: Even Bigger, Better Support in SAP HANA (recording)

Jan 21



Enabling “Smart Finance” through Advanced Analytics (recording)

Jan 14





Data Science in Telemetry and Telematics (recording)

Nov 5



HANA Cloud Platform app development with Predictive Services (no recording)

Oct 22



Enabling Predictive Suite for HANA with Automated Predictive Library (recording)

Oct 08DR

Data Science - Recommendation Engines, Challenges and Practices (no recording)

Sep 24



SAP Predictive Analytics - Industry Use Case Examples (recording)

Sep 10MW

SAP Predictive Analytics: Taking a look into the future from your BW on HANA (recording)

Aug 06OC

SAP Predictive - When to choose Expert Mode (recording)

Jun 18JR

New Era of Predictive Analytics (recording | presentation)

Jun 4



SAP Predictive - Putting Insight to Work ( recording )

May 14OC , MW
  Data Preparation Made Easy (recording) Apr 15RM , GS

SAP Predictive - Introduction to Advanced Analytics (recording)

Mar 26RM , MW
Key: Solutions Expert Series Data Science Seriess




Q2 2017




SAP BusinessObjects Predictive Analytics, Boston, MA, USA




Brought to you by Product Management, SAP Analytics


Improving Your Top Line with Data Driven Insights, Powered by SAP Predictive Service 

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  1. Hi PA friends and colleagues, the recording for the recent webinar on SAP Predictive Service is now available.