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SAP BusinessObjects Design Studio

Designed with the developer in mind



SAP BusinessObjects Design Studio is a more developer-centric BI tool, allowing the creation of custom dashboards, insertion of custom scripts and styling into user-generated applications. There is another layer of functionality built on top of the existing core structure of Design Studio. We call this layer - extensions.


Extensions for Design Studio are categorized mainly by their type: Visualizations & Data Access

Visualization extensions are further subclassified into two categories by build environment: CVOM extensions & Design Studio SDK extensions


Let's explore all these extension types for Design Studio!


Design Studio Extensions by Type: Visualizations and Data Access

Visualization Extensions

Custom visualization extensions allow you to explore much more beyond the standard chart types available in Design Studio. Visualization extensions in Design Studio are of two types:


CVOM Extensions Design Studio SDK Extensions

These are SAP Lumira extensions developed as CVOM extensions in SAP Web IDE, originally for SAP Lumira. However, they are cross-compatible to work in Design Studio as well.

These are extensions built exclusively for Design Studio, using the Design Studio SDK . They are of a different structure from CVOM extensions and currently work for Design Studio alone.





Data Access Extensions

Use custom data connectors or better still, create your own connector to fetch data from various custom data sources and pull them into Design Studio.








Design Studio extensions are as much part of the product spirit as they are the core of our Developer Community. So you can do things: Use extensions made by others OR develop your own!



Download & Try Existing Extensions! Develop your own extension!

Download and install any of the available, open sourced custom extensions. Check what community members have published right here on SCN :

Check out these tutorial blogs on how to get started with building your own data access extension for Design Studio using the Design Studio SDK.




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