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Tool NameFiddler
Video Tutorial
Useful forBI Launchpad, CMC, Web Services, Qaaws, LiveOffice, Session timeout issues, Design Studio interacting with BI platform (logon or publishing for example)

What is Fiddler?

  • Fiddler is a free web debugging proxy which logs all HTTP(s) traffic between your computer's browser and the Application server.
  • Fiddler installs itself as a local proxy which the browser traffic will be routed to before reaching its destination.  This allows the user to analyze the requests that are sent between the browser and the website/web server.

How to use Fiddler

  1. Install Fiddler on the client machine

  2. Launch fiddler from the Start-> Programs menu

  3. All traffic from web browsers will now be logged.

crytal clear instructions can be found in SAP KBA 1766704 - How to use Fiddler to collect HTTP and HTTPS traces?

Troubleshooting BI4 example 

With Fiddler running, launch an instance of Internet Explorer and navigate to the BI Launchpad.

Additional Resources

2001669 - How to setup the Design Studio client to enable Fiddler to capture the http traffic



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