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Each clustered BI 4.0 server that hosts the Input / Output File Repository Server (FRS) requires access to a shared file repository location. Most customers utilize an existing storage area network (SAN) or network attached storage (NAS) location.

If you do not have an existing SAN / NAS location to use, you should use a network file system (NFS) or server message block, referred to as Samba, within your Linux pattern.

NFS is preferred in a *NIX-only environment, whereas Samba is a better choice if Windows file sharing is also a requirement.

We recommend that you host your FRS on a separate server, as it may become a single point of failure when hosted on one of your BI 4.0 servers.

For example, if you use lnxpb04 as your NFS server as well as your FRS, and that machine experiences a hardware failure, then lnxpb05 can no longer use the NFS server to access the files. In our example, we have set up an NFS server on lnxpb06, which is a completely different Linux machine.

We also recommend that your file server use some form of high availability or redundancy to ensure that there is no disruption or loss of data from a disk failure. We do not cover how to do this in this pattern.

The following sections provide more details for each type of configuration:

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