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This content is a collection of different blogs, articles, downloads which will help SAP BI Consultants looking to start with BO.

To start with, it will be very helpful to proceed if one understands how SAP has planned to bring together BI and BO which is given in the SAP BI BO Roadmap.

Once you have been through the Roadmap, now you have an idea about what are the tools that BO will offer supporting BI. The next step will be to understand what these tools has to offer in integration with BI.

Please go through the links below:

Getting Started

BusinessObjects and SAP - Overview

Crystal Reports and BI Queries

Crystal Reports and BI Hierarchies

Crystal Reports and SAP R/3

Web Intelligence and SAP BI

Web Intelligence - Delegated Search and Delegated Measures

OLAP Universe Change Management

Xcelcius Overview

Xcelcius, Crystal Reports and Live Office

Xcelcius, Universes and Query as a Web Service

XC, CR and LO Part 1 of 4

XC, CR and LO Part 2 of 4

XC, CR and LO Part 3 of 4

XC, CR and LO Part 4 of 4

Technical Material

Also some interesting links would be of the Free 30 day Trial Version download of CRYSTAL REPORTS 2008 and XCELCIUS ENGAGE 2008.

Of course once you are done with downloading the trial versions, if you want to use them with BI you will require BusinessObjects XI 3.1 Integration Kit for SAP Solutions which can be downloaded from here.

Finally, the links for a hot tool that is getting lot of hype in the market - SAP BusinessObjects Explorer, a combination of intuitive search and exploration capabilities from the SAP BusinessObjects BI portfolio with the high-performing, scalable in-memory analytics and acceleration capabilities from SAP Netweaver BW Accelerator.

You can also have a feel of the tool, here.

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