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When importing Active Directory (AD) users to BI4, we can decide to import full name and email address. The purpose of this Wiki is to clarify what is exactly a "Full name" in AD or LDAP attributes


I assume that you have correctly configured AD authentication and imported valid users to your BOE system. However, by default, only login information is imported. Details such as Full Name or email are empty:

Select the correct settings in the CMC > Authentication > Windows AD page

By default, the setting to import Full Name or email address is disabled. You must activate it to import the extra details from the AD user account:
You must delete the previously imported account and update this setting if you want that account to be updated.

What is exactly Full Name?

Once we have followed the steps indicated, we might find that these details are not updated as we expected, having still an empty Full Name.

This is because the attribute taken from the AD is neither First Name or Display Name, but the LDAP attribute CN:

If we modify that property in the user account, we will be able to import as we expect the Full Name:


If you have a tool like LDAP Browser, you can search for this attribute: 

In the CMC, we will be able to see what we were expecting:

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The Business Intelligence attribute Full Name is imported from the attribute CN in AD or LDAP