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This wiki page focuses on the Visual Basic for Application (VBA) macro and its association with Desktop Intelligence (DeskI).

Although the use of VBS is still supported by Desktop Intelligence, it has been deprecated by Microsoft. For more information, see the following Microsoft resource:

VBA fundamentals

For basic information about VBA, see VBA fundamentals.

Basics to developing VBA macros

For basic information about how to develop and create code using the VBA, see Basics to developing VBA macros.

Code presented here is just sample code and is shown for demonstration purposes only. To use any code on this page, you need to modify it to suit your purpose and environment.

Common uses of VBA macros

For information on how VBA macros are commonly used, see Common uses of VBA macros.

Advanced Topics

For more complex samples, such as using VBA Data Providers, see Advanced Topics.


For links and references to resources that are important and useful to developing VBA macros, see Resources.

It's highly recommended that you check out Resources, especially the section on the DeskI Developer Guide.

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  1. Former Member

    This wiki area confuses me due to its (hidden) iceberg-like structure.

    Was the intention that the reader proceeds through the topics sequentially as if the pages constitute a wizard or lead-you-by-the-nose tutorial? Well, that doesn't work for me.