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Product versions:
Xcelsius 2008 SP2
NW BI 7.01 SP5


This article presents the high level steps to translate an Xcelsius dashboard that is based on SAP NetWeaver BW Connection(s) in multiple languages.

About multilingual dashboards

Value-add to end users


Elements of localized dashboard

Text elements in a dashboard can fall in 2 categories : Labels and Data. Each is handled differently from a translation standpoint. The data comes from the query execution and there is no additional configuration required for Xcelsius; if it is already configured and translated for BEx Web reports, it will be automatically translated in an Xcelsius dashboard. The labels are Xcelsius specific and require extra configuration steps, which are detailed below.

Configuration steps

Here are the 4 steps required to translate texts from an Xcelsius dashboard that is stored in BW. Only the first one are unique to Xcelsius. The next 3 steps are similar to any BI object and are detailed in the white paper How to translate BI objects in BI 7.0

Step 1 : flag the labels for translation at design time

The first thing to do is to flag the labels we want to translate, this happens at dashboard design time in Xcelsius.

  • Open the translation settings in SAP menu in Xcelsius
  • For each label, use a separate spreadsheet cell and add an entry in the Ranges table. For each entry, "Name" is the label name (use a meaningful one as it will appear later in BW administration tools) and "Range" points to the cell that will be translated.
  • Publish your dashboard to BW (SAP menu in Xcelsius)

Step 2 : build a piece list in RSA1 that includes the Xcelsius dashboard

Step 3 : translate the labels in SE63

Step 4 : transfer the translation to the Modified version via the program RSO_AFTER_TRANSLATION

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