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Product versions: XI3.1

1. Prerequisites

2. XI3.1 CMC setup steps

  1. Log into XI3.1 CMC as administrator
  2. Go to Authentication
  3. Go to SAP authentication
  4. Create "Initial" Entitlement System, so "Logical system name" is created
  5. Go to SNC Settings tab and define
    Enable Secure Network Communication SNC (check checkbox)
    SNC library path (define location of SNC library)
    SNC name of SAP system (use STRUST SAP transaction to find this info in your SAP System)
    SNC name of Enterprise system (You have defined BOE SNC name with SNC0 SAP transaction)
  6. Click Update button
  7. Go to Entitlement System tab again. Do not define SNC Name (SNC Name has to stay empty). Also, do not update this tab.
    SAP User Id and password will be preserved.
  8. Go to Role Import tab .
    Available SAP roles will be imported from SAP System. Select appropriate role
  9. Click Update button
  10. Go to Option tab and define "Default system"
  11. Click Update button

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