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  1. Copy the Introscope Java Agent from a BI Platform 4.1 system to a directory on the host where Websphere Application Server is running.  The Introscope Java Agent is located in the location <BOBJHOME>:\SAP BusinessObjects Enterprise XI 4.0\java\wily.  (In this example, I am putting the Introscope wily folder in the location /opt/IBM/wily)


  2. If on Unix/Linux, chmod and chown the file so that the Websphere user id has full rwx permissions on the "wily" directory

  3. Browse to <wily_dir>/core/config and edit the file IntroscopeAgent_websphere.profile using VI (or any available text editor)

  4. Search for the property and introscope.agent.enterprisemanager.transport.tcp.port.DEFAULT and update the values for these properties with your Introscope Enterprise Manager host name / port number.  (In this example, the host name of my WIEM host is BIPW08R22 and the port is 6001)

  5. Save the changes to IntroscopeAgent_websphere.profile
  6. Open the Websphere Admin console and logon as an administrative user

  7. Click on Servers --> Websphere application servers then click on the link for your managed Websphere server instance

  8. Under Server Infrastructure, expand Java and Process Management then click on Process definition

  9. Next, click on Java Virtual Machine 

  10. Add the following Java properties under Generic JVM arguments then click Apply


    -javaagent:Path to the file Agent.jar. Notice that there is no equals sign but instead, a colon
    -Dcom.wily.introscope.agentProfilePath to the IntroscopeAgent_websphere.profile
    -Dcom.wily.introscope.agent.agentNameThis specifies the name of the agent that appears in the Introscope Enterprise Manager / Investigator

  11. Click Save directly to the master configuration then click OK

  12. Return back to Servers –> WebSphere application servers then under Server Infrastructure, expand Administration and click on Custom services

  13. Click on the NEW button then check the box Enable service at server startup.  In the Classname field enter com.wily.introscope.api.websphere.IntroscopeCustomService and under Display Name enter Introscope Custom Service then under Classpath enter the path  <AGENT_HOME>/ext/WebAppSupport.jar

    For example:

  14. Click OK then click Save directly to the master configuration then click OK

  15. Click on your Custom service then click on Custom Properties

  16. Click the NEW button and add the following two properties

    jmxusernameWebsphere user account name with Monitor role
    jmxpasswordPassword for Websphere user with Monitor role

  17. Click OK and Save changes directly to master configuration

  18. Restart Websphere and confirm that the metrics are accessible in Introscope Investigator

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