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Not a real article. For wiki features validation only

Product versions:

1. Prerequisite

2. Log into SAP system

  • Go to Role Administration (Tools -> Administration -> User Maintenance -> Role Administration) menu item
  • Double-click Roles


  • click Create button to create role

4. Enter role description

  • Click Save button on toolbar to save CRYSTAL_ENTITLEMENT role
  • Go to Authorization tab and click "Change authorization data" button to add specific SAP authorization objects

5. Template selection

  • Click "Do not select templates" button

6. Authorization selection criteria

  • Click "Selection criteria" button

7. Find authorizations

  • Click Find button from toolbar menu

8. Define search criteria for specific authorizations

  • Enter requested authorization objects in search field and click "Find object" button.
  • Requested SAP authorizations: S_DATASET, S_RFC and S_USER_GRP. (Refer xi3-1_bip_sap_install_en.pdf page 80)

9. Authorization selection

  • Scroll down to find it in the list
  • Click "red minus" icon next to "Authorization for file access" and it will become "green plus" icon
  • Click "Insert chosen" button once you have found and selected all necessary authorization objects

10. Defining authorization values

  • Expand authorization tree and enter values for selected authorizations
  • Click Save toolbar button to save all values
  • On the next sreen click Execute button to create role
  • Click Generate toolbar menu icon to generate role

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