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This solution use a simple JavaScript that will change the font color of the 0 values, in white the user won't see them but when the focus is on the cell then the color is back in black(!).

This also allows the user to delete the content of a cell by just deleting it and not have to type 0
I'd like to be able to directly show the coding here. But I can't the save button just doesn't work when the content is in the page.

See File changeColor.txt

Then at the end of your template in the XHTML tab you'll have to add this line to add the functions defined to the html page.
See File addtopage.txt

Note for Copy and Paste

If you want to use the copy and paste function you'll have to use the one defined in the "How to... copy and paste into bex web application" and not the standard modification module. The Javascript will need to be changed or the pasted values will still be in white.

The changed function is sapbi_rig_cp_setContent :
See File correctioncopypaste.js