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Product versions:
Business Intelligence 4.x
Business Warehouse 7.x


BEx Web applications are Web-based applications from the Business Explorer (BEx) of SAP NetWeaver Business Warehouse (BW). They are the traditional query, reporting and analysis tool for BW implementations and have, so far, required the SAP NetWeaver Java stack to run (SAP Java VM, NetWeaver Application Server, Portal application, BI-JAVA components, etc).
A new implementation option is now available with the release of SAP BusinessObjects BI 4.0 :

  • end users will be able to access BEx Web Applications from BI LaunchPad (previously named BusinessObjects Infoview)
  • the Java components of BEx Web applications will run within the BI 4.0 server(s), and the NetWeaver Java stack is not required anymore

This series of articles will present various points of this new integration, from its positioning (why would you choose that path) to the detailed configuration steps.

Know How to Network Call - webinar

The information covered by this article is also presented and discussed in this KHNC Webinar. The webinar includes a 7 minute demonstration.

How To articles series - Table of contents

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