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This page is under construction. Please do not use it as reference until this note is removed

Product versions: SAP BO BI4.0

1. Introduction

This article will explain how to map SAP and LDAP users in the BI 4.0/4.1 CMC.
The steps are almost the same to the steps described in the article which is related to XI3.1 - How to assign SAP aliases to users in XI 3.1 CMC
The focus of this article is on the difference in the setup between BI4.0/4.1 and XI3.1, so please study carefully the article related to XI3.1

2. The manually mapping differences between BI 4.x and XI3.1

The only difference in setup is related to Alias creation. In XI3.1, SAP user is added to Windows AD user as alias. In BI 4.x, it is other way around. LDAP user is added as alias to SAP user (See below images).

3. The differences in aliasing between BI 4.0 and XI3.1 when registry key is used for automatic user mapping

The registry path for SimpleUsernameFormat has changed in BI 4.0 to
HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\SAP BusinessObjects\Suite XI 4.0\Enterprise\Auth Plugins\secSAPR3\SimpleUsernameFormat
All other steps are the same like in XI3.1


  1. Former Member

    Good Article... Thanks...

    I tried mapping our AD users with SAP BW users for BI4 and it worked fine except with one problem. When the "merge" happens between AD user and BW user the authorization that was initially assigned to the AD user and BW user does not get combined together... Instead, all what you get is the same authorization assigned to the BW user and AD user authorization is discarded.

    Is there any way to get this done?

  2. Unknown User (c57onmo)

    I tried to use SimpleUsernameFormat on a BI 4.0 system running on linux.

    The .registry-file I modified was in:

    /usr/sap/BOD/sap_bobj/data/.bobj/registry/32/software/sap businessobjects/suite xi 4.0/enterprise/auth plugins/secsapr3

    I added "SimpleUsernameFormat"="Yes". I deleted the role-mapping, restarted Bobj and imported the groups again, without any luck. The users were still being imported as BWD~100/user1.

    I tried it several times, for example in using Uppercase and using True iso. Yes. After each change I deleted the roles, restarted Bobj and added the roles again, but the system does not respond to any changes in the file. Any ide what I am doing wrong ?

  3. Unknown User (d77tcl6)

    I also had to use SimpleUsernameFormat on a BI 4.0 system running on Linux.


    <base install dir>/sap_bobj/data/.bobj/registry/64/software/sap businessobjects/suite xi 4.0/enterprise/auth plugins/secsapr3

    worked for me. Using the 64 bit registry entry instead of 32 of previous posting.

  4. Unknown User (zla2vk5)

    Hi All,

    I applied all these steps in BI4.0SP02 Patch 13 and Patch 18 as well, however i don't see any changes.

    I am using WIN2008 R2.

    I am trying to map AD and SAP users. I have more than 1000+ users.

    Please respond

  5. Former Member

    how to map the user which is more than 12 characters in LDAP and in SAP BW its 12 characters automatically for the first time user logins as to map the LDAP user , SAP User should also be there in the BO system.

    less than or equal 12 charter user ids are working fine.