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The purpose of this WIKI page is to demonstrate how to open a local "unsecured" .unx in Information Design Tool (IDT).


Below will cover step by step instructions with screenshots.

How to open and publish a local UNX in Information Design Tool

  1. Login to Information Design Tool (IDT)
  2. Expand the File Menu
  3. Create a new project
  4. Right click on the new project and select "Retrieve a Published Universe"
  5. Choose "From a Local Folder"
  6. Browse to the .unx file and open it it
  7. Create new connection which points to the Universe's data source
  8. Publish the connection to repository and create the shortcut
  9. Open the Data foundation layer, and go to connection section
  10. Click on "Change connection"
  11. Select the connection from the list of connections and click OK
  12. Save the Data foundation layer
  13. Open the Business layer click on Change Data Foundation Button
  14. Select the Data foundation and save the Business Layer
  15. Export the Business Layer to repository, this generates the UNX

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