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Product versions: WebIntelligence XI R2 and XI 3.1

Use case: end users try to print or export to PDF a webi document with images, but images do not always get exported / printed

How to:
Depending on how the images are inserted in the report, and depending from which client you are trying to print, it may or may not work.
There is 3 different ways of adding images to a Webi :

  • In a cell set to be read as an Image URL
  • In a cell or block with background image from URL
  • In a cell or block with background image uploaded from local disk

    In the first 2 cases, the image is never uploaded to the server, only the URL is stored in the document; and the image is visible from the client machine only if that machine has access to the URL. A server may not have access to that URL because it's typically in a different subnet, especially if it's an internet link. Whereas the 3rd case actually uploads the image to the server and stores it in the document (.wid file).

Now comes the printing question and there is 2 ways to print :

  • Export to PDF from DHTML client all versions, and Java Report Panel XI R2 : it requires the image in the wid file, therefore it will only contain the image imported in the 3rd case, any image linked by a URL will not be part of the PDF;
  • Use of local printer drivers in Rich Client and Java Report Panel XI 3.1 : everything is local to the client machine, hence all images are printed (linked URL or imported images).

Handling images in BI tools can be a tedious work. The SAP Innovation Center released a prototype "Text To Image" that aims at greatly simplifying that process. You can learn more about that prototype from the SAP Innovation Centre web site and an online demo.


  1. Former Member


    I have implemented the third case to display Logo. Here, i have a suspect. I know that the Header of Webi don't reflect in Excel because Webi's Header section cannot be recognized by Excel. But, the Logo (image uploaded using the 3rd case) is present in the Excel in the First Column and First Row. But, Minimized to a little, hence need to expand manually to view the image.

    Why i'm seeing the image here?

    Clarify me.

    Thanks :)

  2. its like looking through a window, if window is small, you see a small part of the image if the window is big you see the whole image..try to set the webi to auto fit on cell. excel might have the option to have the webi conditions pulled over