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Report an issue or enhancement request to the BIPST developer team

  1.  Click on the below link to create a new question

  2.  Enter your question title and details, then add the SAP Managed tag SAP BusinessObjects BI support tool and click Submit Your Question (Note: It's important to add the correct SAP Managed Tag to get the question or enhancement routed to the correct team)

Report an issue or get technical support via incident

You can now also report an issue or get technical support for the BIPST via support incident.  

  1.  Go to your support launchpad

  2.  Open a new incident using component BI-BIP-ST (Support Tool)
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  1. How can I get a Landscape report to run when there is a large amount of data in the environment?

    The only option I'm selecting is Semantic Layer but the report runs for days then fails when the machine has its scheduled reboot which was over 24 hours later.

    There is additional details in ticket 336718 / 2017 SAP BI Platform Support Tool 2.0.7  Landscape Analysis error

    1. Hi Anthony,

      Thanks for reporting the issue.  I'll ask someone from our dev team to work with you on this incident.

      In the meantime, you can check the following items to help speed up query response time in your environment:

      • Check CMS database performance (rebuild indexes, check query stats, db performance, etc)
      • Increase number of CMS database threads if CMS database is underutilized
      • Increase MaximumObjectsToKeepInMemory  on the CMS host from 100,000 to 300,000 or more (only if CMS has plenty of memory and CPU)
      • Check CMS process and host performance for bottlenecks 
      • Delete / archive old instances and old InfoObjects

      Will be in touch soon.


    2. Hi Anthony,

      I did some checking and we added some optimizations to the Semantic Layer Analysis report in BI Platform Support Tool 2.0 Patch 8 (was previously undisclosed in the 2.0 Patch 8 release notes).  Could you please download and try this version to see if it resolves your issue?


  2. As Toby mentioned, we made a few changes in 2.0.8 that could help the performance with the Semantic Layer report.  if you do still see similar results after using v2.0.8, please enable tracing so we can review.  Tracing can be turned on within the 'Preferences' tab.  Check the checkbox, select a folder path for the trace logs and click Save.  Restart the application and run the report.  You can send in the trace logs to either Toby or myself directly and we'll review.



  3. The 2.0.8 version of the SAP BIPST works much better and the Semantic Layer report now works (it tool a little over 2 hrs) however when I try to save to Excel it runs for quite a while but does not finish exporting the data, it only created a 0 byte file; how can I get this to save to Excel?

    1. Just so the public knows, Josh made a new option to export Semantic Layer analysis to csv and this works much faster.  Will be included in next release (2.1)