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The BlackBerry client application is available in zip format on Service Market Place (SMP). Download the folder to your local system and extract its contents.

There are two methods for downloading the application on the user's BlackBerry device:

    • You can download the application from a website using the standard OTA (Over-The-Air) protocol for transmitting and receiving application-related information in a wireless communications system. Contact your IT administrator to obtain the website URL.
    • You can download the application from your desktop computer using another data transmission method, such as the data cable supplied with your device or Bluetooth technology or by using the Desktop Manager software supplied by your device manufacturer.

Over-The-Air (OTA) via Secure Website

To deploy the client application on your device using OTA, perform the following steps:

  1. On your mobile device, choose the browser icon.
  2. Download the client application from the standard OTA (Over-The-Air) protocol. Default URL: http://IP Address:Port/ota
  3. Choose Click here to download SAP BusinessObjects Mobile for BlackBerry.
  4. On the Download SAP BusinessObjects screen, choose Set Application Permission.
  5. Choose Download. A popup window appears with the message "This application was successfully installed"
  6. Choose OK.

Using the BlackBerry Desktop Software

Alternatively, you can download the application on your BlackBerry device using the BlackBerry desktop software. To download the application to your BlackBerry mobile device, perform the following steps:

  1. Download the file from the Service Market Place (SMP).
  2. Extract the folder from
  3. Open the SAP_BI/desktop folder on the local drive.
  4. Launch BlackBerry desktop software on your desktop.
  5. Connect your BlackBerry device to the desktop using a data cable or a Bluetooth connection.
  6. In the BlackBerry desktop software, choose Applications.
  7. Choose Import file.
  8. Open SAP BI.alx.
  9. Choose Apply.
  10. Disconnect your BlackBerry device.

The SAP BusinessObjects Mobile icon now appears on your BlackBerry device



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