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Product versions: BOE XI 3.1 and netweaver 7.x


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Main Contributors : Martha L, Stephane T, Anthony L, Erica L, David F G
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We created a new article on how to integrate BI4.0 into SAP Enterprise Portal 7.

BI4 Integration into the SAP Entreprise Portal 7.0.x

Link to the main SP page Introduction, Chapter A and B : Integration of BOE XI3.1 into the SAP Enterprise Portal 7.x
Chapter C : Create BOEXI3.1 Integration Kit iView Template into SAP EP Portal
Chapter D : Create URL iview into the SAP EP portal
Chapter E : Integrate BOEXI3.1 into a KM Navigation into SAP EP portal
Chapter F : Creating Roles in SAP EP Portal and assigned them to Portal Users
Chapter G : Viewing BOEXi3.1 reports into SAP EP Portal
Scenarios and KM and iView possibilities : Scenarios and KM and iView possibilities
Webinar link and Q and A : Webinar and Q and A
Appendix : Chapter H, I, J, K, L, M : Appendix of the BOEXI3.1 Integration into the SAP EP


Chapter A) About the BOE Portal Integration

What are the benefits of Portal Integration?

With portal integration, SAP BusinessObjects allows you to integrate Business Intelligence (BI) content from Business Objects into the SAP NetWeaver Enterprise Portal. Customers are able to mix BI content and other applications seamlessly. They can also personalize delivery of content based on SAP user roles and groups.
Having enterprise-wide access to relevant business information from a standard enterprise portal allows customers to make better-informed decisions. Consolidating the infrastructure for application and BI content delivery leads to reduced cost and time savings.

What is the portal integration

Portal integration is a ready-to-deploy solution that offers tight integration with SAP NetWeaver enterprise portal technologies to help you rapidly and easily incorporate business intelligence capabilities into your enterprise portal. Based on the standard knowledge management and portal capabilities of SAP NetWeaver, this allows business users to view and interact with Crystal Reports, Web Intelligence documents, Voyager documents and Xcelsius dashboards directly from the portal.

Workflow overview

  • Business users access SAP BusinessObjects business intelligence content directly from the SAP NetWeaver Portal pages.
  • Knowledge Management (KM)  allows you to explore all SAP BusinessObjects Enteprise (BOE) repository objects and supports common workflows including viewing and scheduling.
  • Each iViews is linked to one and only one report (OpenDocument function). IView supports the viewing of all common SAP BusinessObjects document types.

Login and SSO

When you use SAP logon tickets for Single Sign-On to SAP Systems, users must have the same user IDs in all SAP Systems that are configured to use SAP logon tickets.
In order to be sure than your SSO is well configure, please check:

  • The chapter C 2 step 17 and C 3 - step 24.
  • The chapter H and M

Our configuration

Our deployment is configured to use SAP logon tickets. All users have the same user IDs in all SAP Systems (EP and BW).


Chapter B) Two ways to view BusinessObjects documents in the portal

SAP Enterprise Portal - Iview Template and Sample Url iView

The BusinessObjects Integration Kit offers a specific iView template that allows quick creation of new content for the Enterprise portal and surface content from the BusinessObjects Enterprise system. The template offers BusinessObjects Enterprise specific functionalities such as choosing a content viewer or choosing between a last instance and on-demand reporting.
The sample Url iViews offers some basic functions like a report listing as a sample application inside the SAP Enterprise Portal.

Integrate BusinessObjects through Iview in the SAP PORTAL 7.X

Standard BusinessObjects Portal XI3.1


URl =

SAP Enterprise Portal - Knowledge Management

The repository manager interface allows integration of the BusinessObjects repository with SAP's Knowledge Management capabilities like subscription, feedback, ranking and collaboration. BusinessObjects Enterprise uses the repository manager interface to create a virtual reference of the BusinessObjects Enterprise content inside the Knowledge Management system.

In addition to offering the Knowledge Management functionalities the repository manager also allows the user to create new content inside the portal - like a new Web Intelligence or Voyager reports.

Integrate BusinessObjects through KM into  the SAP PORTAL 7.X

Standard BusinessObjects Portal XI3.1


URl =


  1. Unknown User (xd7l0ru)

    Hi All,

     Can I integrate EP6.0 SP22 to BOEXI 3.1? Will I miss any functionality being on EP6.0 SP22?

     Do I need to simply deploy com.businessobjects.pct.masteriview.par and create iviews to publish BO reports?


  2. What are the pans for supporting SAP NetWeaver SSO (Secude/ X.509 certificates) with the SAP BusObjects product suite including Rich Client Tools, incldudig web portal "BI Launchpad", please?